super slow

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This has been going on for about 3 days. Ive run several scans for malware, cleared all the cache, reset router and even turned off adblockers and addons. I have a long history of PC repair and malware removal. Worked in the field for over 15 years.
The forum lately has been horribly slow on Firefox, Chrome and IE although i dont use IE except to test. Ping time is fine at 35ms, Trace Route comes back fine. Im pretty certain my system is clean. Ive pretty much covered all the bases on my end and in between.
The only other thing that comes to mind is thehotpepper is not https. Its just http and ive seen issues popping up with non secure http sites lately with newer versions of commonly used browsers. All my browsers are upto date. All addons are upto date and only come from Mozilla or Chromes addon pages. No 3rd party downloaded addons at all.
I use Opera full time now, try that, Tor would be a good way also to see what happens. Hmm,just tried Tor, loaded quick but complained on java script not active.
I'm running chrome on several machines with win7 and am not having any trouble with the site.  
FF on W7, no issues. Although, I do use an older FF.

At work. using W10 and latest FF version, some websites are extremely slow, others are OK.
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