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Szechuan pepper.....in Scotland !

Hi Guy's

I bought a little szechuan pepper seedling 2 possibly 3 years ago from a seller in England they are ment to be very hardy and can with stand my Scottish winter's !

It has grown like a weed and looks similar to a Ash tree but covered in evil thorns ....everywhere ! Stems, stalks even on each leaf !!

It's in a big pot and is now over 6ft tall it smells divine 😋 but hasn't produced any szechuan pepper corns yet so I'm having to buy them to make my Nagaland pork belly curry 😋

It's not long been in leaf this season and the leaves are still small but it looks like it will produced this year ...... 🤞


Pure evil !


Fruit ?

Anyone else growing them ? I'm amazed how tough and hardy they are .

Nice. My friend has a plant and she had a first harvest two years ago I think? You can use the leaves as well it seems. Have you tried those yet?
Hi Guy's

Extremely excited :dance:

It would appear I have my first harvest from my szechuan pepper tree :D


Obviously I have to wait till they go red they are similar to beech mast they ripen to a rough red husk and a shiny black stone which is rock hard !! The dried husk is the part you use 😋


Finger's crossed the current heavy rains and storms we are getting don't damage them 🤞

Hopefully I'll be able to use my own Dorset Naga and own szechuan pepper in my Nagaland pork belly curry by the end of the season 😋