flavor Tastes of Colours

Have never seemed to like the taste of red peppers much. Is there a good reason for this??
Have never tryed many other kind of colours then red of hot chilies so many thinking of Bell peppers...
Thinking would like to know about Yellow cayenne taste???
you are correct in one aspect. i find the taste of red chinenses to be exactly the same. yellow fatali is awsome but red fatali is boring. as far as yellow cayenne , it's good fresh and great dried. i get what your saying though. especially after this year.
I find red coloured peppers have a wide range of flavour. For annuums, I lump cayenne, kung pao, super chile, thai and even goatsweed in the same boat, jalepeno and serano are similar but different from cayenne and fresno and santa fe have a nice sweetness but not as hot. Perhaps thinking of it as thin skin versus thick skin.

My scotch bonnets taste like habanero but my carribean reds have similar flavour but definitely something different, if you did a blind folded taste test you could detect the difference. Now, I purchased a tray of scotch bonnet peppers that had some green ones and I tried them and kind of like the taste.

I tried my first red bishop crown and wasn't impressed at all, it tasted like pepper but no heat, they were started in march and only now are ripening to red but the one I tried was soft, there are a couple that are hard but still green. I won't waste my time on hot portugal anymore, they are peppery in flavour but mine have no heat value and just full of seed. Today I will try my first red hungarian wax - I tried one once before but it was yellow and I didn't know they turned red.
There, I just had my red hungarian wax, it tasted a lot like my hot portugal, same amount of seeds, similar in pod thickness, tasted like a red bell and NO HEAT! hope both plants die soon so it will free up my containers for other plants and I can recycle the soil. what a waste of time both plants were. I have started some dundicut and gunter sannam and I hope next year the dundicut gives me a big surprise in flavour, the ground powder I have is very nutty with heat. I am expecting the sannam to taste much like the thin skinned cayenne but I may be in for a surprise.
I don't think the pigments that makes red peppers red have any taste to them. But it is true that the tasting experience of food is affected by colour. If you turn potatoes or rice blue with pigments, people are going to dislike the 'taste'.

Or you mean you like unripe green peppers?

The tray of scotch bonnet I purchased had red pods as well as green, knowing many people around the world eat green chilis I wasn't going to just toss this one and so I tried it and what I found was it had a nice flavour. I now have 6 scotch bonnet peppers plants that I grew from the ripe pods and next year when it comes time to harvest and if it appears the green pods are softening on the plant then I would have no hesitation on picking the green scotch bonnet and eating it.

I had a green bishops cap(it fell of the plant) and it had a taste similar to a green bell pepper but just now, yep right now as I type this, I just ate a mature red bishop and wow, it has a extreme nice flavour with moderate heat. I am still trying to think of what the bishop tastes like but can relay that it tastes nothing like the thin skinned cayenne and nothing like a habanero. Good thing I have 3 more ripened pods to play with. I have tried other green peppers that hadn't ripened to red and they taste nothing like the ripened version, depending on type some were even absent of heat and I would imagine as part of the maturity process, that to red, brings along the flavour aspect, I would say sweetness but can't say for sure if it is a higher sugar content.

As for the psychology of colour versus flavour, I have eated both yellow, purple and red tomatoes and though they have an overall tomato-ie flavour, their was definitely a detection of something different. I have eated purple potatoes but now have to admit I don't remember how they tasted, I am thinking perhaps more starchy but might be confusing it with one of a dozen types of potatoes I have grown in the past. I still remember the flavour of the purple prince tomato and found they lacked the overall flavour of some of my yellow boy lemon tomatoes and some of my other red tomatoes - so I don't have to grow purple tomatoes again because the purple prince just didn't have the flavour that I have enjoyed in other types of tomatoes. (I eat rice approximately every 3rd day and have never tried blue rice but, if I could find blue rice, I would be objective in testing its flavour).
I've tryed different colors of tomatoes I find I like the red better in the tomatoes we have. Also tryed purple yams and did not like. Thinking more about bell peppers as I like Orange the best folowed by yellow. But have found they all taste like bell pep just dif enough to make us grow and buy other colors. As color is the way thing reflex the lite we are not really eating the color. Things in Snakes and other animals is more to my understanding like Amel, Anery, Hypo, Hyper, Dom, Co Dom, Reses, and so on. I need a Dumbmies guide to Gene's of Peppers...

Not like I'm trying to breed pepper, To busy breeding other things, Yes you can make jokes as I'm to lazy to xplain. Just very intresting learning whats what. Or what maybe what, as with things I learned in school aren't the way we are looking at Animal so much any more.