flavor Tastiest Pepper?

Jase4224 said:
Low heat - Aji Pineapple
*does have a hit of Pineapple taste up front but doesn't linger. To me it is quite distinct from Aji Lemon in flavor.
To me the difference in flavours is quite small but, just as pairing lemon with coriander (leaf) and other green herbs can make you swear blind it's lime, the slight differences in flavour change the pepper entirely.
Both are sweetish citrusy bacatums but the mild hint of something vaguely pineapply in the pineapple is just enough to stop it coming across as lemon and make it a touch more tropical.
Mild, i love Anahiems
Mild+ i love a good hot jalapeno or a average serrano
Mild++...well sofar i think the Aji lemon drop is really hard to beat although i haven't tried many baccatums. Personally i find it hard to call a 30k+ lemon drop mild. Its more mid range for me and about the hottest i can enjoy in quantity.
Sofar i havent found anything is the 50k-100k range that really thrilled me aside for the occasional lemon drop that was hotter. Super Chile was pretty good. Nothing great though. Im hoping the Aji Cito and/or Thai Giant Orange will fill this void.
Hab heat level and above im still undecided but super hots are not my cup of tea. The orange hab i grew last year was excellent and very versatile.