flavor Tasting the different chiilis

So one of my favourite youtubers (not chilli related) is weird explorer (https://youtube.com/@WeirdExplorer).

He is all about tasting all the kinds of fruit out there and it's really fascinating just to see all the unique fruits he comes up with.

And he will always give you a good idea of its tastes by the way he profiles the fruit's taste and texture.

I was thinking - are you guys aware of any such content creator that does something similar for chillies? Or are there anyone up for the challenge to start something like that? Maybe even if we can start a discussion here... maybe it could even evolve into something like that later on...

Ok so I have been watching a couple of youtube videos and although the scoville scale gets tossed around a lot and people will give you some description of what the chilli is like, I haven't really seen anyone painting the picture really.

I don't know what all the parameters should even be, but apart from the heat, it would be awesome to learn about chillies with regard to their different flavors and textures, from the level of sweetness, or greenish taste or bitterness or whatever... I would love to know what you guys thoughts might be?
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There are a lot of chile review channel. Some i can think of...

Sheesh....there are 4 others i cant get the names for now..

The kid who was early teens
Another guy...it will come to me.....
Nigel Carter was great at "painting a picture" of the experience for his viewers, IMO. Unfortunately, he stopped uploading new reviews to his channel a few years ago. But his past reviews are well worth a look, if you haven't seen them before: https://www.youtube.com/@nigelcarter52/videos

The Hippy Seed Company also has worthwhile reviews, and they are still currently active. Although they are not quite as descriptive in their reviews as Nigel was. They also offer seeds on their website, which can be convenient if you see something you like in one of their reviews.
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