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TBG's First Chilli Blitz! (2017-18)

G'day G'day!
Welcome to my very first glog, I hope you like it: ;)
This is my first time growing peppers seriously. Last season was my first; I grew 3 Jalapenos, 3 Habaneros,  a Naga Viper, Thai Hot, Cap Mushroom Red and an Ebony Fire, all bought from the store at various maturities.
And then I found TheHotPepper around March this year, and if my grow last year sparked my interest, THP nuked it! I've been super keen for this season, and now its started!
I started a few seeds of Aji Amarillo for the SHGDTD on the 22nd June, and currently have 2 seedlings, awaiting the third and final to pop.
This year, I'm thinking that I'm attempting to kinda try to limit my grow to roughly three dozen plants (even I'm not convinced), but we'll see what happens.
I don't really have much of a grow list, just a list of varieties that I have at the moment and I'd like to grow. 
So here's something that resembles a Grow List, its not set in stone; I'll end up not growing some on here, and I'll end up growing some that aren't on here.
-- The Grow List --
- Aji Amarillo
- Carolina Reaper
- Naga Viper Purple
- Aji Lemon
- Brazilian Starfish
- Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
- MoA Scotch Bonnet
- Scotch Brain
- Aji Jobito X BBG7 Choc (Shorerider's)
- Choc 7 Pot
- Malih-helow
- Peter Pepper Yellow
- Rocoto
- Bahamian Goat Pepper
- Cayenne X Bhut (Shorerider's)
- Red/Green Bell
- Habanero Mix (Red Savina & Tiger Paw)
- Prik Kee Nu Suan
- Bhut Jolokia Red
- Corno Di Toro Rosso
- Aji Pineapple
- Trinidad Scorpion CARDI
- Jalapeno
- Trinidad Perfume
- Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
- Tabasco
- 7 Pot Jonah Red
- Bishop's Hat
- Cap Mushroom Red
- Sugar Rush Peach
- Yellow Bell
- Goat's Weed
- Rocoto Aji Largo
- Trinidad Scorpion Butch-T
So yeah, that 36 plant limit is very dubious.
But before I go on, I'd like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Blitz527, as well as everyone who got on board the Aussie Seed Train, my grow is substantially due to your generosity!
So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now its time to get down to business, The Grow!
I started 9 varieties on Saturday (1st July), giving them a chamomile bath and then into the paper towel in the incubator (which only fits 9 varieties)
The Bath Tub:

The Incubator:


So the first batch for this season is:
- Naga Viper Purple
- Scotch Brain
- Aji Jobito X BBG7 Choc 
- Choc 7 Pot
- Carolina Reaper
- Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
- MoA Scotch Bonnet
- Bahamian Goat Pepper
- Bhut Jolokia Red
And not forgetting the Aji Amarillo that have already started.

You'll notice a few other seedlings in the background, they're from seed I kept from last season's grow, but they all got mixed up. So I decided to sow some of the mixed up stuff back in April to make sure that they were all okay and would actually grow. Three of them have purple foliage, so they must be Ebony Fire. The rest are either Jalapeno or Thai Hot. (There's 6 all up)
I've had them slowly growing on a windowsill since April, but I got my growbox set up yesterday (writing this on the 4th July) and chucked them into it. They're looking happier already!

But anyway,
When this lot pops, I'll start the next, and so on and so forth till I declare that I have sufficient Varieties!
Here's to hoping for a great season and a great glog, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will!!!
Thanks for stopping by, I'm looking forward  to sharing my progress with you, I'm aiming for at least weekly.
4/7/17 EDIT: Replaced the dodgy photo links, and added some info about some seedlings I've already started.
b3rnd said:
Very cool list Blondie! I'll be following this. I love the SH glogs in the NH downtime. Are you planning on any crosses?

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I may, and probably will, do some crosses. Just what, I don't know. I'm also jumping on board D3's community crossing project, so I'll have some of his concoctions to deal with ;)
Bhuter said:
Very nice list! I would grow all of those, myself. That Purple Naga Viper is definitely on my next years' growlist. I hope you have great success and good luck on the throwdown.

Cheers! I can't wait to see how the Purple Viper turns out. I got mine from THSC.
I just noticed that photobucket doesn't like me. I'll figure out some other way to do photos and edit the original post.
No news yet on the front!
EDIT: Fixed photos, and added some more stuff!
Knocked my incubator over yesterday and a few seeds got knocked around. I'm 99% sure about most of them (5/9), 100% sure about the Choc 7 Pots, but haven't got too much of an idea about the Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion, MoA Scotch Bonnet & Bahamian Goat. But hey, what fun would the grow be without a little mystery?
But none of them have popped out any roots yet, which is a bit disappointing considering all three Aji Amarillo seeds popped within a week, the first only taking three days. I guess I used up all my good fortune on the Growdown? Suppose its a win-lose situation...
I'll update with a few pictures in the next few days.
Also thanks to everyone who's dropped by so far, hope I don't bore you too much :D
All The Best, TBG.
tsurrie said:
Nice grow list. Good luck with the grow.
Thanks tsurrie!
The Amarillos are coming long, with the first working on its first leaves.

I had a close look at all the seeds in the incubator, and I can see some embryonic action happening (if you can call pre-seedlings embryos). Also think I sorted out which seeds are which; now I'm 100% sure about 7 of them, and only have doubts about the Bonnets and Bahamian Goats. 
And I got some seeds in the mail today from a trade with SpiceFreak, so a big THANK YOU goes out to him!

That's all for now, fingers crossed for some germination action!
Have a great weekend all,
Blitz527 said:
I am very happy to see your off to a great start. I wish you the best of luck and lots of heat :)
Thank you! I'll be putting those seeds you sent me to good use ;)
Devv said:
Good luck this season ;)
Your list is a good one and should serve you well!
And good luck with the growdown too!
Walchit said:
I can't wait till next season when I get to grow out some of the seeds I just bought. Good luck with your grow, quite a few I'm interested is seeing how they turn out
Thanks for the good vibes guys! Means a lot to me to have you all stop by!
Well, we've had a bit of action on the front. So far, I've now had 1 reaper, 2 Choc 7's & 1 Bahamian Goat (if that's what it is, after the mix up) shoot roots, and waiting for them to pop. Caramel Ghost is now in the hatcher, thanks to SpiceFreak!
The Amarillos are all still chugging along.
I'll have to post some pics soon, I have been a bit slack in that department, although I have been taking photos.
That's all for now folks, thanks for dropping in! :party:
Well well well!
It's been just a tad bit eventful here, with roots shooting all over the place. As of right now, I've had:
1x Reaper
2x Purple Naga Viper
2x Choc 7 Pot
2x Red Bhut
And I've had 3/4 of the mixed up seeds shoot, so I've definitely got at least one Bahamian Goat and one MoA Scotch Bonnet, and a second of one of them.
I've added a couple of Caramel Bhut, Komodo Dragon, White Fatalii and Trinidad Scorpion CARDI to the incubator.
And outside of the incubator, today I got hooks on the Reaper! :woohoo:

The Amarillos are still having fun, with the stems a very deep purple.

Thought it was interesting that the one on the right, the youngest, is doing better than the second (middle). The second was a helmet head, but I freed it straight away, and didn't notice any stunting. Still looks fine, but obviously isn't growing as fast as it should be. Not that it matters much anyway... :shrug:
Also a close up of the first one working on its first set of leaves. (Taken a few days ago)

I thought I'd better do some explaining of my set up sooner rather than later, so here we go!
As you have seen, I start the seeds off in a chamomile bath, usually over night (roughly 10 hours). then they go into some paper towel in the incubator, as pictured previously. temps in the incubator average 25ish, not getting below 20, or above 28. (Celcius that is) Once they shoot roots, (I had a picture, but now I've gone and lost it) I transplant them into Jiffy pellets, one seed per pellet. The pellets sit in the larger incubator, which you see here,


Which is a aluminium BBQ tray with a plastic cover. temps here hover around low 20's. just a bit lower than the paper towel.
When the seed(ling)s hook, I put them in a mini-greenhouse like container in my grow box, where they germinate (the greenhouse helps with humidity while they germ). 
The grow box is a converted book shelf, lined with one of those emergency space blanket things.

Its a bit small, and I think things may get cramped in there, but its all I've got.
This is the light I'm using:

Not the best, but should do the job.
And that's the process so far. When the seedlings get their leaves, I'll transplant to solo cups, and grow them in the box until its good enough outside to harden them off. i think they'll stay in a greenhouse before hitting their final location, in pots and in beds.
Oh yes, and I got some mail from D3monic:

Now I'll be able to get in on his community crossing project, so Thankyou D3!!!
Thats all for today, and I'm finally all caught up!
Thanks for stopping by!


KAOS said:
Looking good TGB. Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming.
Those Amarillos are furry little buggers. Are you giving them any nutes yet being in coco?
 Thanks mate!
Yeah, they're fuzzyish, you can barely feel the hairs with my finger, but you can definitely see 'em.
I'm not giving them any performance enhancing drugs just yet, but when they get transplanted into solo cups I'll start feeding them. (Which should be right now...)
I'm really organised, and have no idea what I'm going to do nutes wise. Figuring that out this week hopefully.
Bhuter said:
Wow! Things are moving right along. Hooray for the Reaper hook! Nice selection of seeds from D3 and Spicefreak. Keep up the great work!
Thank you!
Things have really started to get rolling now, and you know what they say, a picture tells a thousand words, so here goes!

Got a few hooks ready to jump out of the soil, these ones are: Choc 7 Pot, Purple Naga Viper, Red Bhut,and two that are 1) Bahamian Goat and 2) either Bahamian Goat or Scotch Bonnet. But I don't know which one is definitely the Goat and which one is the Goat or the Bonnet...  :think:

And so far I've had a Reaper, a Purple N.V and  a red Bhut germ, in addition to the three Amarillos.
Speaking of which, the first one was getting a bit too big for its boots, and putting a lot of roots out of the Jiffy pellet, so I transplanted him to a solo cup.

Pictured here with the Ebony Fire seedling that I've mentioned. I think I mentioned that I had five seedlings going(?) But I figured that they weren't doing much good, and this one was the only relatively healthy looking one, the others were stunted, so bye-bye to them and hello to this kid!
Meanwhile in the incubator, I've added Red 7 Pot Jonah, and have had at least one root from everything so far, except for Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion CARDI and the 7 pot Jonah. Not worried about the last two, as they'v only been in a couple of days, but hopefully the JPGS is just taking a while and will eventually pop. (Fingers crossed)  I only had a single seed for it, and Its been there for just over two weeks, so there's still some hope for it.
Keep rooting for it guys, (:rofl: oops, noticed the pun while re-reading) and I can't say it enough, but thanks for stopping by, its great to know that I'm not typing to a brick wall.
All The Best to everyone,      
                                                   TBG   :party:
Keep it going TBG, plants are looking good.
Only concern I have for you and it's something we all suffer from (Obsessive Chilli Disorder) - Are you going to have enough space when they all kick into high gear ?
It would be sad to see you having to cull the herd.
Good to see all the babies popping their heads out ;)
It just blows up my brain the we're 180°'s out as far as the grow schedule goes.
Keep it going!
Devv said:
Good to see all the babies popping their heads out ;)
It just blows up my brain the we're 180°'s out as far as the grow schedule goes.
Keep it going!


KAOS said:
Keep it going TBG, plants are looking good.
Only concern I have for you and it's something we all suffer from (Obsessive Chilli Disorder) - Are you going to have enough space when they all kick into high gear ?
It would be sad to see you having to cull the herd.
Yeah, I understand. I am really going to be pushing it, but hopefully it all works out. I'm thinking that my staggered start may help a bit, so that by the time the "late" starters are getting bigger, the weather is alright.

They should be able to survive outside by mid-September, weather pending. So that's 10 weeks away.

Yeah, I'll definitely be pushing it.

But, I have finally drawn the bottom line on my grow list; 36 varieties, plus D3's four crosses.
So my main grow will be less than 40 plants, and I'll see how many I grow out for D3.

Thanks to y'all!