chinense Texas Scorpion

One of the inside plants flowering. It will go outside tomorrow if the rain holds off.
Texas Peach Flowering.jpg
Fruits from your cross are looking real nice! I hope you make some interesting finds during the season and that they taste great :)
Very nice looking pod, cross sounds cool. I am also in Texas DFW area. This weather so far has killed quite a few of my plants and it seems stunted others. Best of luck man and I’ll be following along to see how this goes

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Update on one of the F2 plants.. this one produced chocolate pods as well and I let them fully ripen, it's cranking out the pods! As for heat, it's pretty brutal, flavor similar to Reg Trinadad Scorp and Peach Bhut, tropical once the burn comes down which takes a while.
Tx Scorp2.jpg