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misc Thai Super Hot Chili starting to wrinkle and not grow any further

I purchased a Thai Super Hot chili plant from a local nursery a month and a half ago and had them repot it into a bigger pot with new high quality potting soil. The plant has started to bud a lot of little peppers and a few started to get big but I've noticed that the growth has stopped on the 2 red chili's and now they are starting to wrinkle up. What am I doing wrong here? I've given the plant a fertilizer as well about 3 weeks after planting and the plant is in sun all day. Any tips or what could be wrong? Thanks!
Is that their final size?

The red ones? Yes.
The large green ones? Likely. In my experience, repotting while the plant bears fruit negatively impacts the size of peppers that had already set.
I'd wait for the small green ones, which set after you repotted.