event thank you so much

this month September 23rd in Tanglewood (near Winston-Salem) will be the 24th anual Chili Cook off and a rubber duck reggatta(dump a bunch of ducks in the yadkin river) if your near north carolina this is a great event..alot of show alot of chili and alot of beer.
not much of a country music fan but from the website the music is
Country Music Headliner Jamie O’Neal
along with Dallas Reese and The Brice Street Band
wonder if they know
well good news and bad news from this cook off....i didn't place in top 10 casi chili...i was so bummed out i didnt even go look at my scores...the good news is i got to meet frank from the board. frank friday night compeeted in the hot pepper eating contest and came in 2nd....dude that won it has no taste buds frank was downing them peppers the dude that won it it was like he was eating candy....unbelivable.... frank gave me some marconi hot peppers and i enjoyed them today with some brats.
thanks again frank there great....i hope in no way i ignored you thru the day at the cook off...i get ocupied with my chili worrying over it like a mother looking over a baby i zone out.
hopefuly next cpl of months you get board we can do some more cook offs.
Bubba is being gracious. He was a perfect host. Got me hooked up as a judge for the chili tasting. 20 spoons of some realy great chili. Since scoring is subjective, on another day, he might have won. Also, thanks for the ticket to the cooks party Friday night. Look forward to seeing you again at more cook-offs and elsewear ('cept where you work)

Why heck guys, I'm jealous. Sounds like it was a great time. With so many on the Hot Pepper from NC, maybe we can all have a gathering at some point in the near future. Of course anyone could come, not just the good ole boys.
the chili cook off's for the next cpl of months i got coolemee next saturday and then in october love valley (near statesville) and eden for the apple festival.