seed-train The 2022-2023 mega seed train!

It's October and as promised here is the sign up for the 2022-2023 mega seed train! I hope you are as excited as I am! This train is already loaded and it has yet to leave the station.

To be on this list you must have been on the hot pepper for at least 4 months and have at least 45 posts to the forums (if you have not been on the forums for 4 months or more and with at least 45 posts then have a member with 6 months or more experience vouch for you)

So here is how the train will work. We have voted in the past to use x2 smaller packages rather than one larger, and it really saved our butts when one went missing. So there will be a lot more to keep track of, but I know you guys are up for the challenge. The main number of first round recipients will be at 20. Once we have 20 people sign up we will pull names at random to determine your place in line. Train "A" will start with the first name on the list and continue on to the next in line, just like you have been used to in the past. Here's where it gets confusing, train "B" will start with the last name on the list and move backwards down the line. By the time all is said and done everyone will have had a chance to make selections from both packages. If for any chance you would rather only receive one package, you may skip the second. Just make sure you communicate that to the next person in line.

Shipping will be done via USPS in a flat rate bubble mailer, (Make sure you get these ahead of time as they are not alway available) with tracking of course. Once you receive the package you will have 3 days to decide what you want as well as what you have claimed and what you have added to this good little box of goodness.

Due to risk of breakage, leakage and space constraints, sauces, and pepper jellies, will not be allowed, however Powders and dried pods are acceptable.

To be fair do not take 5 packs of seeds and replace it with 1 pack of bell pepper seeds. Doing so will result in the fun being taken out of the train and banishment. There are plenty of nice people here that are more than happy to help you get started on your pepper variety. Once you take seeds, dried pepper pods, or powders please be sure to replace with an equal amount and something comparable to what was taken so we can keep the fun on the tracks.

To ship to the next on the train please be sure to pm them to get their name and proper address when you first receive your precious package of pepper goodness as to keep the train from spinning its wheels at the station. If contact with the next in line can not be made after 3 days, they will be temporarily taken out of line. Other accommodations will be made on a case by case basis.

Any other comments, idea, constructive criticisms are welcomed!

Also I feel it's important to add that this seed train is for everyone and not the possession of any one individual. My intervention will be Minimal. If at any point I can not fulfill my obligations a backup will be appointed.

So without further delay, who would like to get this party started!?

1. Jeff contonio
2. Mcbob
3. HeatMiser
4. PaulG
5. Downriver
6. FGpepperGuy
7. Texas hot peppers
8. UNSC_Hitokiri
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Where is everybody? I was hoping for 20 riders by now!
Where is everybody? I was hoping for 20 riders by now!
kinda surprised as well. Let’s give it a few more days and see what happens.

What do you guys think about doing one super stuffed package instead of 2 this time? Postage prices are rather high these days, and I think we can get it all to fit if we make sure we squeeze the all the air out.

It’s riskier though, if it goes missing that’s it for the seed train.


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I'm okay with two packages, but I'll go with the group
on that.

I'll post a little note on the status bar on the home page.
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Yeah, I think keeping two trains running is the safest, especially as USPS service quality continues on the skids.