seed-train The annual 2021-2022 Mega seed train (sign up here)

Yeah, showed up around 6:00,
will be leaving for Pex tomorrow.
Will add tracking then.

edit: Okay, the 'B' train headed towards the
Great Divide. Should roll into Pex Peppers'
station on Tuesday.

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Great train this year! Thanks to all who participated.
It’s always fun to find a couple of seeds I didn’t know
I needed! Tepin from Jeff C., Elysium Oxide Rust SB
from Harry D, and Mojo Blue Ghost from Pepperfish.
Thanks fellas! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ€—

:clap: :clap: Big thanks to @Jeffcontonio for overseeing the
effort this year. Always a pleasure doing fun with you,
my man!