seed-train The annual Mega Seed Train 2020/2021

Looks like it has finally touched down, not delivered yet but in the right place. I have class today and therefore will need to pick up tomorrow. I will go through it and send it out tomorrow with tracking. 
Sorry for the delay. I was able to get the package yesterday. Already on the way.


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[emoji1630]Jeff contonio (Station)

A-train has touched down in Texas.

Thank you everyone for participating in the 2020-2021 mega seed train!

Be sure to follow this thread for the next sign up announcement, typically the first week in October.


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U)<now said:
Man, I've seen this thing year after year and never jumped onboard, maybe this fall will be the year. I have around 60 or so varieties so I should have something to offer. Hopefully I can catch it then. 
Only 5 more months!
Start making plans for expanding your grow   :rofl:
Are we there yet! Moved into a new house and got a garden going but seeds are shot. Got lots of sweets and cherry toms but supers wouldn't take or were x's that resemble banana peppers.