The Duck's been in the kitchen...

;) Two more great sauces going into my line this summer.

Passow...If you think my Barnacle Remover packs a little heat...heh, heh, heh...... This new one made me tear up and sniffle before it ever hit the heat.

...and my mild-ish sauce? It needs a tweak, but it's still very good.
I got what I was looking for.

That's all I can say right now. Except that this going into business stuff is killing me!
Thanks Marco...but I'm not official, just yet. I've got a few more hurdles to jump, and they're the expensive ones!
DEFCON Creator said:
Doesn't "Tribal Law" allow you to defer the costs?

I need to look that one up. I think it actually triples all costs plus a mandatory donation of some camera equipment.
Swamp Cooler tweaks complete. I don't know what it is with me and the weird colors, but it works! Really nice finish on this one.

Now...where is my damn FDA paperwork?

On a side note---

Kato-- Thanks a lot for offering your services even before I have a too Marco! That means a lot.