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The end of Bonnie's Mucho Nacho

Well maybe according to the phone call i had. They claimed they could not get the seeds. I found some online from vendors that sell 100 packs of seeds soo.....Looks like i will be ordering seeds for next year if i dont like these new ones.
This year they have Jalafuego, Early Flame and Spicy Slice. Im trying the two later varieties but Jalafuego is a popular hybrid.
How do they compare?
Spicy Slice jalapeño peppers result from hybrid plant breeding, and produce numerous uniform, perfect green pods per plant. These will eventually mature to a sweeter red colour, but at the green stage they are pungent and hot — substantially hotter than Jalapeño M, but with the distinct flavour of jalapeño chiles. This product was something of a hit in our field trials, with plants positively laden with peppers. Everyone who tried it agreed on the superior flavour and genuine piquancy that runs throughout the flesh, not just restricted to the pith and seeds.
Matures in 65 days
1500-6000 SHU roughly
Plants upto 3ft tall
Spicy Slice has high resistance to Xcv: 0-3, 7, 8 and intermediate resistance to TEV.
Mucho Nacho jalapeno
Early maturing plant produces high yields of 4" long by 1 ¼" wide hot Jalapeno peppers. Peppers are usually used when green, maturing to red. Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white flowers. These jumbo Jalapeno peppers are an inch longer than most jalapenos, have thicker walls, and are hotter. Excellent for making salsa and perfect for making stuffed peppers. Also used fresh in salads. Superior variety for pickling. Excellent choice for home gardens and specialty market growers.
Matures in 65-70 days
1500-8000 SHU roughly....personal experience with these have pretty much all been nice hot jalas but nothing scorching like a Zapotec can get..
Plants upto 3ft tall...Mine probably didnt get quite that large but produced very large pods on average.
Disease Resistant: PVY, TEV.
Early Flame jalapeno
Pungent fruits, mature from a glossy, dark green to deep red. Attractive, compact plants have good vigor and leaf cover with very good potential for mechanical harvesting. Makes a delicious sweet/hot, rich jalapeno sauce. Great for container gardening. Sets heavily in a short time frame
Maturity: 60 to 65
1500-4000 SHU roughly
Shorter plants around 2ft
Highly resistant to Tobacco Etch and Potato Y Virus Races.
Chichimeca Hybrid Pepper
These gigantic, thick-walled fruits are over 4" in length by nearly 2" wide at the shoulders - ideal for stuffing, but also a crowd pleaser in salsas, salads, vegetable dishes and when pickled. Mildly pungent fruits mature green to red, averaging 1-1/4 ounces.
Maturity: 60 to 65 days
1500-6000 SHU roughly...personal experience..not as sweet as Mucho Nacho when ripe but about as hot with the occasional zinger.
Plants upto 3ft but mine got taller. They can get quite large from what ive seen and the pods are also quite large.
Good resistance to PVY
So from what im seeing described here from various sellers of seeds is that Spicy Slice might be a nice one. Not as fat as Much Nacho or Chichimeca but long. Roughly the same plant size and close in SHU. The critical feature for me in a Jala are.....
Taste like a damn jalapeno
No damn duds like so many other large jalas produce.
Larger pods that ripen without having to wait all season.
Mucho Nacho and Chichimeca had this covered pretty well. Local guy didnt grow the Chichi this year and Bonnie failed me too. Time for a plan B and some scorching Numex Orange Spice too.
Orange Spice also gives market growers a competitive advantage for buyers desiring new colors of jalapeños. These orange Jalapeños also ripen earlier than most other peppers at just 65 days, so you'll be able to enjoy these beauties sooner than later. This year’s jalapeño party appetizers will be bright and extra, extra hot! It has thick flesh and spicy flavor like the Early Jalapeño, but 3x more heat.
Plants are 24” tall and pods 2-1/2” x 1” wide
Upto 30k SHU.....well i guess we will see. I got several huge seedlings ready to plant.
Should make a nice HOT ripe jala hot sauce!!!!
Thank you but i found a supplier that sells 100 packs for around $11. I found chichimeca seeds also. Spicy Slice look kinda good though. Just not as fat. Just have to see the yield i get. Even in a pot ive gotten lots of pods from both Mucho and Chichi.
The guy at Bonnie sorta hinted at the Mucho Nacho were a tad hot after i mentioned that was a reason i liked them so much. Large scale growers selling produce or making sauce are often wanting something a little more tame for the masses. I mentioned how the Mammoth variety was not even close in heat and he said its a huge seller for that reason. It appears from what i can dig up its a fairly older hybrid from Mexico. Not tailored as much to USA tastes or our retail sales outlets.
Im betting it had less to do with lack of seed availability and more to do with marketing.
Sofar the 2 new ones from Bonnie are handling our shit spring weather very well. Better than the NuMex OS anyway. New growth is obvious on both but they were hardened off before and my seedlings are still under shade bags. Its been a bit too cold and wet with only short periods in the 70s or higher.
I got to dodge one more bullet before full plant out which includes most of my NuMex. Its supposed to get down into the upper 30s tomorrow night. So im holding off until this weekend.
Got to sample a few
Early Flame....taste very much like a Early Jalapeno. Maybe a tad milder.
Spicy Slice...Milder than a Mucho Nacho and great jalapeno flavor.
Numex Orange Spice...Now the one i tried was really small but that sucker was HOT with a subtle sweetness to it. Cant wait till i get some ripe.
While at our market they had one that i have never seen before called Kaboom Black Jalapeno....Wow, really interesting flavor with almost average jalapeno heat. Touch of sweet bell flavor too.
Left to right
Kaboom black jalapeno.........Spicy Slice.............Early Flame