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shopping The Fresh Chile Company, Lumbre and Sandia Chile peppers

Has anyone bought chili sauce from The Fresh Chile Company in Las Cruces, New Mexico? https://freshchileco.com/

I sent them an email asking about the SHU of their xtra hot and hot chili sauces and this was their reply below. How can 8,000 and 2,000 SHU peppers create a sauce that is anything but sweet? :rolleyes: What I find is the Lumbre has 35,000 SHU and the Sandia has 5,000 to 7,000 SHU. I don't consider 35k SHU very hot, maybe this is very hot for the Anaheim pepper? Has anyone bought the xtra hot or hot chili sauce from them and if so what would you compare the heat level to?


Hi Tom,

This is a great question that I've only been asked one other time. I've attempted to look up the Scoville Units for the peppers but the information is rather hard to find. I've found that our Lumbre chile (the extra hot) has a Scoville unit of 8,000 and our Sandia chile (the hot variety) has a Scoville of around 2,000 units.
Harry_Dangler said:
Lumbre is one of the hottest New Mexico anaheims types.  It is hot for an anaheim but certainly not hot for a pepper.  I've grown them the past few years and we roast them in a drum roaster and use them all year in many Tex/Mex dishes.  A relleno made with a lumbre is fabulous.  I also dry them and make a nice hot chile powder.  
Yes, I think for the type of pepper it is, it is at the higher end of the heat scale. But then that's like saying it was brutally this cold today cuz it was 31° but maybe that would be in Key West, around here that would be a normal winter day and a mild night temperature!