frutescens The Guam Boonie - C.frutescens and delicious

Thanks go again to Pr0digal_son for sending me a few of these. 
Before this year I`d only had Tobasco as a C.frutescens variety and while they were Ok, I wasn`t all that impressed. This year I`ve had some absolutely delicious frutescens varieties that rate very very high on my list for great flavour. This is another one to add to that list. The aroma is typically frutescens, so sweet and very fruity, but the flavor is superb. Very fruity, a little sweet and a little salty, making a great balance in the overall flavour. These really are good! 
The heat is only between around Jalapeño and Cayenne, but it tastes so good who cares! This could be a great one to have handy in the kitchen all year, as it would add some great flavor and a little touch of heat to foods.
Did the Guam Boogie back in 1985 - nasty groin pull! Oh, sorry! Nevermind, Nigel....
Excellent review as always!! You are the consummate reviewer!  :)
That`s funny, thanks. :rofl:  
Ah, the good old BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The original is the best one, in my opinion.
​I think the budget for Dr Who episodes hash`t changed much, either. 
I feel the same way about Tabasco, but I’m forced to grow it for the wife. I see the separate from the stem just like Tabasco. I will have to have my wife try this one, and maybe I can replace the Tabasco plants. Great review Nigel.
Thanks for the review Nigel! It comes at a good time since I'm debating which variety of Frutascens to grow for my first of that cultivar. Cheers!