The Hot Pepper Discount at

midwestchilihead - thanks. i was looking for it up to the step where I put my CC info in. Apparently I needed to go a little further.
I just found out yesterday that my old store site is still functional - but it shouldn't be. I have no way to log in to it and process payments. I am working on getting it disabled and/or forwarded. If you bookmarked or favorited the old store site, please update your bookmarks to the new Midwest Chileheads site. I'm sorry for any confusion. John
The old 25% off discount (code "Chilehead") still works, but we just added a new BOGO discount too. Select any one pack of seeds, get another at 50% off. Enter coupon code "Mwchbogo" at checkout to take advantage of this discount, and thanks for your business! John