heat The Hottest Pepper In The World

Environmental factors make a huge difference I think. It's just passed the middle of winter here and my Reaper plant has lots of little winter pods that produce absolutely zero heat.
I can only say I agree with the posts above. Weather alone can make your peppers inedible hot or the opposite. Last year we've had a shitty season and I managed only to get a couple of relatively mild peppers (had to find out their true nature this season!) and this year with all the sun and not too much heat, combined with occasional rain, made my peppers go wild.
I have Primos, Reapers and Morugas this season and so far, none of my Reapers came even close to Morugas. Still waiting to dissect the 7pot, I need to get it completely ripe and it takes tiiime. Scorpions have large amounts of oil which is present in Reapers but not nearly as abundant as in Morugas. I think weather plays a major role when growing peppers.
The weather makes a big difference. Just look at how hot August peppers are compared to peppers from the spring or fall. I keep mine in greenhouses where they stay about 12 degrees hotter than it is outside. This increases the hear of my peppers. Then I found a nutrient that I used in a side by side test, and from taste alone, the subject plants produced peppers about 300k hotter. They were a good 20% to maybe even 30% hotter tasting. I thought about this year hitting some Primos real hard so that they may rate higher than a reaper and get some tested, but I was so busy with cycads this season, and just coping with tripling my pepper production plants, I didn't have time to play with experiments. I tell you, I have tried a lot of the new really hot peppers, but the primos and reapers still burn the worse when you find a good one. Tom