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The Instant Caterer

Like most Torontonians that have a taste for heat, it really has been slim pickings. Either you shop on-line, lucky enough to have a grocery store that carries outside the norm sauces, or you were off to Ottawa (Chilly Chillies). While there has been small mall vendors that has carried a wider range of sauces, the're stores/karts usally lasted a few months at best.
So it came with great surprise that I found out about a vendor that just so happens to reside inside The St. Lawrence Market, THE very place I go to do all my weekly shopping. How could I have missed this place before???
Well... located in the lower north west section of the market, it really is easy to walk on by without giving the place a second glance. In fact, if wasn't for the fact I had a purpose on finding this guy, I wouldn't have ever entered that store. Your first glance has you looking into coolers stocked with all kinds of stuff. Lining the entrance there are gourmet sauces & oils, salsa's..ect, that is when you get your first sight of the hot sauces. Tucked away in the corner of the store you see a shelving unit with some sauces. Making your way over to that shelf is when the store opens up & you find a hole other section lined with all kinds of hot sauces.
The selection is pretty standard for a hot shop, but seeing as these shops are as rare as hen's teeth, it was MOST welcome.
Pain Is Good, Iguana, Melindas, Blairs...ect all lined the shelves. In all I would say a good 150 to 200 sauces stacked the shelves. Hell they even had some of the more insane sauces, Mad Dogs 357, Da Bomb, Black Mamba.
Now pricing is all over the map. Most sauces are in the $6-10 range. From there they start going up to a max of $35 (if I remember correctly), it's not that the're expensive, but there seems to be no flow in terms of pricing or heat index(aside from the insane sauces, seperate cabnet).
If you are ever in Toronto and are in need of a fix, I recomend you try this place. While your at it give the market a try, some great food to be had.
Thanks for the tip, Chris. I would love to have a chance to explore Canada more thoroughly. We visit my father in law in N.S. in the summers (close to Digby), and my travel is limited until I graduate from school. Soon.....soon....

Chilly Chillies is now located outside of Ottawa in Navan in a small store but they also sell online. I've bought lots from them and they are nice people, worth checking out. Just watch out for it when driving there or you'll go right by.
Chilly Chiles is awesome, our sauces will be there soon (as soon as I can get to Navan- wish they were still on Sussex), and the St Lawrence Market is one of my favorite stops when in Toronto. Check it out for sure.
[quote name='Meow! That's Hot.']Chilly Chiles is awesome, our sauces will be there soon (as soon as I can get to Navan- wish they were still on Sussex), and the St Lawrence Market is one of my favorite stops when in Toronto. Check it out for sure.[/QUOTE]

Chilly Chiles is old news and the Instant Caterer mentioned above isn't the only source of heat in Ontario.

I just spent the last 2 months training in Toronto and it felt like I was back home in Saskatoon because of Taste the 4th Sense and they're at 375 Danforth Avenue. They have all of my favorite sauces there, both big Canadian sauce guys Hatari and Droolin' Devil and Uncle Big's line as well. I picked up Cajohn's "The Legend", it's pretty good. They make their own infused oils and vinegars. If you like to cook, they are a great addition to the pantry.
If you're looking online for great sauce and a great price, you should check out unclebig.com, Canada's best selection in my opinion. They are based in my old neighborhood in Saskatoon.
I'm heading down there tomorrow as a matter of fact, need more Garlic Chilli.
It's good to be home.
Your not the only one man lol Im beyond empty(besides what you gave me lol)Do me on favor..look at cheech he is good..Cheech is good lol
I forgot to mention what you gave me..well bacon and eggs lol perfect