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The last summer of my 30's: Spice and herbs on the balcony

39 is a multiple of 13, and that makes it cool.
That very important point out of the way, I've actually started planting for the season, so I figured I might as well start migrating to a new thread. How is it that I've gone through three glogs here already? I feel far internet-older than I should.
Rather than leading with the full plan, which I've already beaten to death in the winter thread, here are the first victims.

Yep! Not peppers. I'm going to try some companion plants. After some wicked aphid and stink bug infestations made my life less pleasant last year, I figure not only could this help keep them out, it wouldn't be bad to have some herbs. They're at least as stupidly expensive to buy in grocery stores here as they are in the US, so it couldn't hurt. These two are basil, since that's the only thing I can actually buy so far; later I'm planning on peppermint, bay laurel, chives, Thai basil, and possibly holy basil.
They're all getting planted alongside the garlic, which I've had growing for the better part of a year, but which has failed to yield any kind of useful bulbs. Doesn't matter, though, since the scapes are still awesome, and they're also supposedly supposed to be good against bugs. And, really, I just love garlic.
The first two actual peppers to go outside will be the only two mature plants I have in the tent right now, Friggitello (pepperoncini) and Sugar Rush Peach. They're both fruiting like mad, and I'm looking forward to bagging them up (from 1 gallon of coir to 5 gallons of soil) in the coming week.

The SRP in the front really is just that awesome. While it takes a frustratingly long time to ripen, it is an excellent variety -- right at the top of my comfort zone for heat -- and it really is leaning that far over thanks to pod weight. The Friggitello in the background has one particular pod, with the white tape on it, that should be a cross between these two. I'm hoping that's the start of two or three more interesting grows that should mostly occupy the tent this summer.
Perhaps the first real sign that this summer grow has started will be when I'm sitting on my balcony, wearing my jinbei and having a drink in my little canvas tailgating chair, watching the plants grow. I promise pictures, whether anyone wants them or not.  :cool:
Ghost Pepper Revolution said:
Liking the summer grow, can’t go wrong with basil and garlic.  :dance:
My wife's mom sends the garlic we eat to us from Korea, since Japanese garlic (and the Chinese garlic that's normal in the stores) is some weak-ass shit. But the fact that I'm growing garlic just makes me so freaking happy it's unlikely I'll ever stop.
Ghost Pepper Revolution said:
Your sugar rush peach looks good and the cross of the 2 should be an interesting grow next winter  ;)
This is actually the whole point of my previous mini Kratky experiments, Khang Starr style, and it's why I'm starting that again (hopefully closer this time, because the ones I did grew well, but got way too big without fruiting because I gave them too much reservoir room). The Friggitello ripens quickly, so I expect to have those seeds in rock wool in May; if nothing else, I hope to know by August whether I cocked up or whether I actually have some kind of cross to try and grow out.
Of course, I'm going to keep up my fumbling attempts to cross everything with everything, so the entertainment isn't going away. 

Ghost Pepper Revolution said:
oh and I definitely relate to getting older, ya only got me by 2-1/2 yrs  :shh:
My wife is four years older than me, so I always have someone to pick on regarding age. It's all relative. :D
Too funny about the garlic, I didn’t know there was a big difference or a different variety between Jap garlic and Korean. If our climate could handle garlic I’d grow it cuz being of Italian heritage its a staple  :drooling:

the experiments are fun and who knows what you’ll end up with as long as it’s tasty right. Keep it up and mine is 6yrs under so I’m the target of age jokes here  :violin:  :whistle:
Today I bagged the SRP, Friggitello, and a we-think-it's-Zapotec. :)

There wasn't quite enough soil to fill the bag for the Zapotec (lower left); we have several bags on order to come tomorrow morning, at which point I'll also be planting a hopefully-alma-paprika in another bag, as well as peppermint and bay laurel (which I didn't even know was a tree until we asked at the store and they said, yeah, here's the tree you want to buy). Still need to find Thai basil, but I'm not really in a hurry. Plant-out seems to have come suddenly and unexpectedly.
And it turns out the five-gallon bags I thought I was using are actually three-gallon bags. I clearly have no idea what kind of equipment I have stocked, and wouldn't have even realized this unless I'd found two spare bags of bags that were actually labeled. So... everything is going into three-gallon bags. And they seem plenty big for my balcony, so I guess it's not a big deal.
Though I do kind of wonder where the five-gallon bags went.
Hmmm...40, that was over 20 years ago. I'm shooting for a 9 as a first digit in my living age ;)
Your plants look great!
And the garlic, I have about 100 or so in the ground. @GPR, garlic does do well in the warmer climates, I plant in September around the 15th, and harvest in June when the tops fall over. It's a 9 month endeavor, but worth waiting for.
Devv said:
Hmmm...40, that was over 20 years ago. I'm shooting for a 9 as a first digit in my living age ;)
Your plants look great!
And the garlic, I have about 100 or so in the ground. @GPR, garlic does do well in the warmer climates, I plant in September around the 15th, and harvest in June when the tops fall over. It's a 9 month endeavor, but worth waiting for.
thought the garlic would've managed to either die or mature in the time I gave it, but it just kind of kept on keepin' on without generating much at all in the way of bulbs. So I guess I'll just give it another season and see what it does.
Here's that laurel tree and its little peppermint friend.

I am stoked to get all these bags going. :)
Sticking these in here so I don't have two threads going.
Got at least two pods growing on the Lemon Starrburst, and still haven't managed to get a decent picture. This is about as well as I've done.

My latest round of coir transplants are all looking great.

And my little purple thunder continues to thrive in his little can o' Kratky. :)

No outdoor pictures, but I did get my SRP, Friggitello, alma paprika, and jalapeno moved upstairs to the balcony, along with a couple of basil, the peppermint, and the bay laurel. The porch is looking about as crowded as I want it, so I think that might be nearly it for the outdoor plants this season.
Balcony plants are... just OK. I think it's a mix of transplant shock and overwatering; I have no idea how much those bags weigh when they're dry yet, but I watered anyway, since I didn't want them drying out without getting watered in first. So for now I'm waiting for a good wilting rather than just the sulking they're doing now. Unsurprisingly, the peppermint immediately went to town and will probably take over the whole area before anything else wakes up again. At least it'll smell good.
The transplants are doing very well. And while there hasn't been a lot of growth, I think this is a slightly better Lemon Starrburst picture:

Both can plants have plenty of small fruits, and one of the ones in coir also has a few with solid starts. Doesn't seem like this one is the best pheno; hopefully the others are better. And hopefully I find out soon; I don't need this many of one plant.
I do have something more THP-related, though. A Trippaul Threpper! :D

I actually have two of these plants with a pepper started, though this is the only kinda-decent picture I could get. My picture game is really weak lately.
My only Purple Thunder isn't flowering yet, but it does seem quite happy in its little Kratky can. Pulled it out for a nutrient flush and grabbed a snap of the roots.

Finally, in unrelated news, the keyboard in front is new:

It's popular with programmers. Definitely taking some time to get used to -- it quickly teaches you which bad typing habits you've had but been unaware of, not to mention the obviously incredibly different layout -- but it's really, really nice.
Alright, a pod on the TT   :party:
Plants are lookin' good, 'Fish!
Love the new keyboard. 
Your wrists will love it, I'm sure.
PaulG said:
Alright, a pod on the TT   :party:
Plants are lookin' good, 'Fish!
Love the new keyboard. 
Your wrists will love it, I'm sure.
Thanks, Paul! Yeah, I switched to an ergonomic mouse a long time ago... normal keyboards hadn't really started bothering me yet, but I'm sure this'll help with that as well.
Outdoors, after a watering, the kids are looking a little better. The smaller peppers are still kinda stalled out, but I wasn't very nice to them, so it's not surprising.

The SRP has plenty of pods, and this one (possibly along with his friend in the back) is finally starting to ripen... too bad it's really not feeling good about the change of scenery. Hoping to see fresh greenery start developing soon.

Probably should've, you know, hardened them off. Oops.
First harvest from the porch! I kinda cheated; these SRP aren't ripe, but the plant isn't doing well, and I wanted to at least attempt to make it focus on its foliage. No idea if that actually works.

Also, my Nanbu can plant is finally starting to put on some color. Interesting way these are ripening; pretty fun.

I'll put the Trippaul Threat pods in the right place. :)
I hope that pulling those pods kicks
your plant into veg mode.
Those red tips on the Nanbu pods look
like some kind of wicked insect stinger!