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The Pacific Northwest GLOG 2016

Today launches The Pacific Northwest GLOG 2016, geared towards growers from this region. 
Northern California
British Columbia
I am from the Rogue Valley, in southern Oregon.  Here's the Rogue River in Winter.


It's only 12/15, but maybe you guys have your lists made up already.  Not me, yet.  All I know for sure this season is, no chinenses, and less of everything else.  Might go heavier on the New Mex varieties.   
Bunch of different peppers. I still have a few plants to harvest. Perfect quantity for me this year.

Roguejim said:
What goes in your marinade?  What peppers are those?

I use a lot of stuff in my brine. Pepper list: Bhuts, Apocalypse Scorpions, 7-Pot, Scotch Bonnet, Red Hab, MOA SB, Chocolate Bhutlah, Brainstain...
Other ingredients: soy sauce, Worcestershire, liquid smoke, wild honey, apple wood smoked salt, black pepper, raw Garlic, Smokehouse jerky brine, fresh zest of nutmeg, etc.
Slice meat on slicer for nice thin perfect slabs..24 hr brine then dehydrator. [emoji2]
People love it!

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Great looking jerky, Matt.  How long do you leave it in the food dryer?
turbo said:
I grew 7-Pot whites this year so I thought I'd take a stab at a white hot sauce.  It turned out pretty good!  It's got 7-Pot white, apple, garlic, salt, 50/50 white vinegar and cane vinegar.
The finished product looks like vanilla pudding
Yeah, that looks killer! I'm low on sauce. Time for a FTL scotch bonnet sauce this weekend
This year I put a plastic tarp over my raised bed back in early November.  I wanted to see how long the peppers lasted.  The habanero variates died by the end of November, but my Rocoto and Starfish seem pretty happy.  This is a picture from yesterday.  I even pulled a few peppers...in December!!!