preservation The Smokenstein Garden

This is my first year doing a full garden (last year I did a few cayennes, habs, and jalapenos, but that was more of an experimental year), so I'm happy for any advice from the much wiser and experienced growers in here.
I guess I cheated by buying my plants instead of starting with seeds, but I figure I'll try to grow some more exotic hot peppers that I can't find already started around here in the next year or two. On the pics below, the left column was taken last week and the right column this week. I've put each angle side-by-side so I can compare the progress throughout the summer.
So, as far as peppers go, basically the two rows on the right (going off the top pics) are my pepper rows. Bottom right of the first row are some Carribean Reds, then Habaneros, Cayennes and Jalapenos at the end. The second row consists of a Banana pepper, a Cowhorn, then some tabasco, poblano, and other random hot peppers I found that weren't labeled with specific names. Then in the pics with the pots, the back right pot and the front left pot are Carribean Reds (these were the same size as the ones in the garden and bought at the same time, but the potted ones are about 10 times bigger than the ones in the ground), and there's a habanero, a tabasco, and a Santa Fe Grande. The big pot in the back left is a blueberry plant.
The rest of the garden is mostly tomatoes and green beans. We also have cucumber, squash, black zucchini, and pumpkin planted at the far end of the second pepper row.
Additionally, you can see I rigged up some Redneck Hanging Cherry tomato plants... these are doing very well, but I may need to get larger pots next year... I just couldn't justify paying 20 bucks or whatever it is they charge on TV when I could create pretty much the same effect much cheaper.

Hope you guys have some good input on any tricks I should do to make sure this garden thrives. But I think, especially given that we got nearly a month straight of rain here in Tulsa shortly after we planted everything, that we're doing pretty well for our first attempt. Thoughts?

Things are growing great it seems. I would have made the upside down planters a bit larger, they need much more dirt than that.