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The Subway Foot-long Face-off Challenge

Hello THP-ers!

For February I thought I'd host a challenge here at THP – the McDouble contest generated much interest, and I wanted to try my hand at inspiring something beyond the "who can eat the hottest" competitions…

We have a number of great sponsors already committed to this event, and the prize package is beyond awesome already – with possibly more to come! Details on the prize pack and sponsors who've signed up so far at the end.

First, a description of the event & the rules! Please bear with me – this is a bit long, but in the long run will help this to be a more organized competition to increase everyone's enjoyment. It's a tricky contest, so the rules are extensive. You only have to read it once. :cheers:

The Subway Foot-long Face-off
This contest is intended to be both challenging, and more importantly, amusing for the audience. This is intended to be entertainment – and in this one, a mere tolerance for heat is only the beginning. So the "ringers" here will get no real advantage over the amateur daredevils here at THP. :dance:

How will we achieve this? Simple: This is the "foot-long face-off" – and as the name implies, you will be using your faces, and your faces only. This is a strictly "Hands-free" event. Oh yeah – let that soak in for a minute. No elbows, no feet, no wrists, no tools. Nothing but what you were born with from the chin to the forehead. Wanna nudge that pickle slice closer with the tip of your nose? Acceptable! Wanna use your hand to give it some help into your pie-hole? DQ'd!!!!

Sound like something you might want to do? Read on then prospective contestant!

Here's how it works / Rules:
These rules are "written in stone" and no exceptions will be made. This will be a level playing field among all contestants.
  1. Contest/competition is open to the first 15 entries to post in this sign-up topic.
  2. Sign-up will be a period of 7 days, starting now and running through midnight, February 11[sup]th[/sup], 2013
  3. Contestants must purchase a Subways sliced turkey sandwich – this is a foot-long sandwich on whatever type of bread the contestant chooses. It must be Subways, to ensure a consistent sandwich among all contestants.
  4. Whole, foot-long unsliced sandwich must contain the following
    • At least one (1) condiment – mustard, mayo, dressing, oil & vinegar, one of the subway "splooges", etc.
    • Mandatory toppings of pickled jalapenos, Peperoncini, lettuce, pickles.
    • At least four (4) toppings of the rest available: cucumber, mushrooms, tomato, olives, bell pepper, avacado, etc.
    • Salt & Pepper is optional
    • Cheese is tricky. Some may be lactose intolerant, and I want to be considerate of that. As such here's the rule for cheese: it is mandatory to either 1. Have cheese on your sandwich, or 2. Include two (2) additional toppings subway offers. That seems fair.
    • Sandwich may not be toasted.
  5. Sandwich must be intact – contestants must instruct to not slice the sandwich in half. Why? Because eating 2 halves is far less amusing to watch than seeing someone try to eat one whole sandwich. This rule is purely for the amusement potential of the viewing audience.
  6. The hot component: We cannot have a contest at The Hot Pepper without Hot Peppers. Why, that would be crazy talk. So to satisfy that requirement, contestants must procure 11 whole, fresh Habanero pods. These are Orange "grocery store" habs. Nothing fancy.
    • Regarding pod acquisition, there will be a 2 week period to get videos done. This is more than ample time to source these pods. Here in CA we have them available year-round, and I've spoken with people in other states who also have year-round access. But anyone should be able to mail order some with plenty of time to spare to do the contest. I assure you the prize packages for 1[sup]st[/sup], 2[sup]nd[/sup] and 3[sup]rd[/sup] will be worth more than the cost of participation. :cheers:
    • These habaneros shall remain whole. De-stemming is acceptable. Washing is acceptable. Slicing, halving or otherwise mutilating them is not acceptable. No deseeding will be tolerated. Whole pod, with seeds & placentas only.
    • Camera angle must be sufficient to capture the contestant's placement of the 11 pods on the sandwich. And yes – we (the audience) must see every pod placed on the sandwich.
  7. This is a hands-free event. No tools, no elbows, knees, feet, wrists, forearms will be allowed. If you touch the sandwich with your hands, you are DQ'd. Touch the plate the sandwich is on, you are DQ'd. Tilting the table the plate or sandwich are on, you are DQ'd.
  8. Every bit of the sandwich must be consumed down to the very last shred of lettuce. If a slice of tomato drops to the floor, you will be licking up tomato slice off of your floor, hands-free, on camera, or you are disqualified. If a piece falls onto the table or plate, you're eating off the table or plate, so if you're a germ-a-phobe you might wanna scrub that surface before the contest!
  9. Ice-cold glass of milk must be present, and in view at least once at the beginning. This is for temptation purposes only, and shall only be "legal" to drink after the 5 min "after-burn" period. Drink the milk and you're DQ'd.
  10. The only acceptable beverage is water, and that too is hands-free. I'd recommend using a straw if you intend on drinking water during this event.
  11. No adulteration of any sort to improve the overall impression will be allowed. For example, no adding extra dried Bhuts or dripping extracts onto the sandwich or anything else that might otherwise influence the voting. The contents of the sandwich are specified above. Any deviation from that for less or more will result in a disqualification.
  12. Trash talk is optional, but highly encouraged. I expect these to be very funny videos, and I expect the people attracted to participate to be uh, colorful. There is a 1-week sign-up period followed by a 2 week deadline. With 3 weeks to kill, I'd bet people will be putting on their game faces. If you intend on competing in this event, please bring your thickest skin with you. Obviously site rules still apply with regard to personal attacks/flaming/etc. But I'm expecting trash talk at least on par with the McDouble, and any crying about it or starting drama in the contest topic(s) will result in immediate disqualification.

    This event is for FUN, it has spectacular PRIZES and should produce hilarious videos from all involved. A little jab here or there isn't gonna physically hurt anyone so if you don't want to trash talk back, just ruck up and remain silent. Just fair warning – this event is being offered in the spirit of fun and friendly competition and it is my intent that it remains that way throughout.
  13. This is expected to be an active participation event. If you sign up to be a contestant & you're going on a trip, please take the 5 seconds to post "hey, will be off-line for a week, but will get my video in by the deadline!" – It's the courteous thing to do for all your fellow competitors.
Scoring will be handled as follows:
  • Time – this is a pretty straightforward one. No need to keep a stopwatch handy, YouTube will be the official time-keeper for this contest. Videos must be continuous during eating for this reason. (Also must be continuous between loading the fresh pods onto the sandwich & completion of eating for obvious reasons)

    After eating, there is a 5-min "afterburn" period. Remain on camera for 5 mins after you've finished the sandwich. This is going to influence the "style" scoring.

    Time is officially marked upon completion of the sandwich - the "after-burn" does not count against your time.

    Time-points will be based on # of contestants. Assuming we fill up with all 15, time points will be awarded with 15 points being the highest, 1 being the lowest. 1[sup]st[/sup] to finish gets 15 points, last gets 1. If fewer than 15 contestants, whatever total # of contestants = max # of points. Pretty straight-forward.
  • Style – style points are a "in the eye of the beholder" thing. It could be the contestant's demeanor while burning up from the habs. It could be the grace with which they handle themselves. It could be that you notice that the contestant selected 20 little tiny habaneros compared to the other contestants who had a more "normal" looking assortment, and you deduct style points for that weak-sauce. It could be that you like the contestant's shirt, or just the "cut of their jib" – this is entirely up to the THP members who vote on style points. Voters will be asked to rate "style points" from 1 to [max # of contestants] – scoring will be same as "time" category. Least style = 1 point. Most = 15 points (if we have 15 participants).
  • Innovation – again, 100% up to interpretation and voted on by THP members. I expect people to find new, creative ways to embarrass themselves while trying to pull this off – some might try huge bites at risk of spilling contents all over the table/floor, while others might peck at it like a bird or perhaps a Velociraptor. However they do it will be considered "innovation" and will be up to you to decide. Again, voters will be asked to rate each contestant on a scale of 1 to [max # of contestants] – scoring will be same as "time" category. Least innovative = 1 point. Most = 15 points (if we have 15 participants).
  • Scores will then be added up and total points will decide 1[sup]st[/sup], 2[sup]nd[/sup] and 3[sup]rd[/sup] place.
    • Tiebreakers: In the event of a points tie for any overall position, the tie-breaker will be "Style points".
  • In this scoring system, this is not a pure heat-seekers competition, nor is it a speed contest. The fastest eater might be deemed to have the least style and innovation and thus would not win. This will be up to the voting community, who will have 72 hours to register votes. I personally commit to tabulating all scores ASAP when voting ends.
  • Important: During the voting period, I would ask that people refrain from commentary. You are voting for two categories only, both of which are up to interpretation. As such you may not attempt to influence others. This is an impressive array of prizes, and I'd like to keep the voting as "pure" as possible. There will be plenty of time for bemused commentary after all the dust has settled and winners have been decided.
  • Set-up & filming - set up, filming & eating should be continuous - lack of continuity can lead to questions about your entry being on the level, so it is strongly recommended that your video be one continuous video from the time you open the sandwich & place the peppers through the end of the 5 min "after burn" period.

    You are not required to speak during the 5 min after burn, but remember there are points awarded for "style" and watching someone sit there and hiccup in silence is boring. heh

    Please open the sandwich, and describe your choices of condiment & toppings. Then count out your 11 habaneros. "Placement" is a loose term - they must be placed on the sandwich on camera. If you choose to stack, squish down, spread out, or place pods on top of the closed sandwich, that is entirely up to you. Provided there are 11 pods "on" the sandwich when you begin this challenge, you've satisfied the requirements. Please also let us know if you went with the "cheese" or "+2 extra toppings" option.

    And remember - HAVE FUN!!!
Sponsors & Prizes

Do yourselves a favor and click these images to navigate to hot sauce/hot pepper powder heaven!

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce ( SSP! )​

Ghost Pepper Store

Redhawk Premium Peppers

Davez Foodz

Texas Creek Products

Joyner's Hot Pepper Powders

Knepper's Peppers

Sicman's Hot Peppers & Powders

With special thanks to non-commercial contributors who put in some great pepper powders out of the goodness of their hearts:

Very generous, thanks!


Consolidated Prize Lists
(in case anyone forgot why they're about to make a fool of themselves on camera)​

· 1 LDHS T-Shirt (Women's S-M-L Or Men's S-M-L-Xl
· 1 LDHS Women's "Babydoll" T (S-M-L)
· 3-Pack Of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
· 1 Bottle Of Redhawk Premium Peppers Sauce (Winner's Choice)
· 2 Bottles Of Sweet Spicy Girl
· 1 Sicman's Powders T-Shirt!
· 1 Oz Sicman's Powder
· 1 Bottle Of Texas Creek Pure Evil (2012, No Tin)
· 14g Shaker Jar Of Joyner's Powder
· 1 Bottle Of Knepper's Tongue Wrapper
· 1 Oz Musky's Smoked Powder Mix
· 3oz. Scovie Powder
· 1 oz of Smoked Bhut powder from Ghost Pepper Store

· 3-Pack Of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
· 1 LDHS Women's "Babydoll" T (S-M-L)
· 1 Vial Of Redhawk Premium Peppers Pain Powder
· 1 Bottle Of Davez Sweet Spicy Girl
· 1/2 Oz Sicman's Powder
· 1 bottle Texas Creek Ghost Fire
· 14g Bag Of Joyner's Powder
· 1 Bottle Of Knepper's Seventh Circle
· 1/2 Oz Musky's Smoked Powder Mix
· 1 oz of Smoked Bhut powder from Ghost Pepper Store

· 1 Bottle Of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce – Winner's Choice
· 1 LDHS Women's "Babydoll" T (S-M-L)
· 1 Bottle Of Davez Sweet Spicy Girl
· 1/2 Oz Sicman's Powder
· 1 Bottle Of Habermelon
· 1/2 Oz Musky's Smoked Powder Mix
· Joyner's Hot Pepper Powders Sample
· 1 oz of Smoked Bhut powder from Ghost Pepper Store


Let the shenanigans.....begin!

1. sudostahp
2. Jamison
3. detroitgirl77
4. Heatinthecold
5. The Biz
6. ToxicRVA
7. heathman83
8. HabaneroHeat81
9. compmodder26
10. DarthPepper

Good luck to you all! Looking forward to seeing the vids in 2 weeks!

Update for filming: Videos must be filmed per the guidelines in the rules so please check the rules above for clarity and do not hesitate to PM me with questions.

Please send me the links no later than 5:00 PM PST on Feb 26th. The link can be sent to me via private message here, or to luckydoghotsauce@gmail.com

You can send me the link earlier of course but all videos must be set to private & only made public within 10 mins of that time. Videos must be filmed per the guidelines in the rules so please check the 1st page before filming.

Please send me the links no later than 5:00 PM PST on Feb 26th. That is the deadline.

You can send earlier of course but all videos must be set to private & only made public within 10 mins after 5:00 PM PST on 2/26/13 - that way all videos will be viewable by the voters at the same time.

If all contestants have send me their videos before the deadline, we will talk about the possibility of releasing them early: please remember, if you complete your video, send me the link and mum's the word. The Internet is prone to witch hunts and I'd like to avoid having 9 people post "I got mine done!" and having 100 members harassing them to get in the 10th.


Lucky Dog Hot Sauce :dance:
What kind of Habs?

Grocery store Orange. Just "regular" habs. No Red Savinas or chocolate Habs or White Habs or anything difficult to procure.

Hard enough getting fresh pods in February - Orange Habs are a year-round pepper in most of the US, so if you don't have 'em locally, you should be able to get 'em.

Fair question though - I'll go edit to specify, thanks. :cheers:
Awesome! LOL

I'll stand by and watch this one :D I can't ingest a foot long Subway sandwich in one meal...

The ONLY question someone might ask is about the 25 habaneros. Might want to think about that a tad. Sometimes I get them, and they aren't much bigger than an acorn. Other times, they are silver dollar sized or bigger. The difference in weight is significant. X grams of habeneros or something so that all contestants get the same amount regardless of amount of peppers it took to get them there. Not trying to throw a monkey wrench into things, just an observation.

I REALLY look forward to the vids!

It will be like chasing a soap bar with your face :D

And what a killer prize package!

I see you addressed the hab size.

Good deal!

I'll shut up now, and enjoy the soon coming mayhem ;)
Woah yeah I will be watching this one. If it were 10 Habs maybe but my stomach would put me out of commission for a week after 25... Great competition and really looking forward to the trash talk and videos!!
Maybe I'll settle on 20. I've been mulling that over. 10 seems like too few. This is a great package of prizes - kinda think they should be earned.

OK, 15 it is. Will edit now.

I find it hilarious that Naga isn't in because of the size of the sandwich, not the # of peppers. :rofl:

I say if they do not fit on the sandwich you just need to face plant and eat them from the surface they rest on, bathroom floors are up to you! Sorry Scott, your contest. :onfire:

No - I'm with you. That's accounted for. If they stack 20 habs onto the sandwich, and fall off during eating, they're getting eaten off the [table/floor/video game controller/cat/wherever they land]
I could eat the whole sandwich, that's not why I'm not in.

The only reason I won't do it is because we're not allowed to eat 20 Habs without some sauce that consists of Pure Evil, Sludge, Mad Dog and a dash of The Source.

To dry.