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This is not the best GLOG in the world, this is just a tribute.

Behold here by I present you my glog!
It is kinda ghetto OG-log guys if you frequent the chat chances are you seen these pictures already if not hold your pants.
I have planted various peppers and few tomatoes that I will list later on in this topic or you can just read them from the labels on the pictures.
So lets begin with the soil, i have two bags of different soil at hand one from last season..
([member=Rawkstah] : Can I use this soil from 3 years ago? -  , [member="Guatemalan Insanity Pepper"] - no that soil has it date expired :mope: " )
Bag numero uno,

very aerated light soil for plants that have problems rooting and some mycelium in it, drains like a mofo and can barely keep any moisture in it
second one that is potting soil rich will all of that sweet sweet nutritional value

Next i did 50/50 mix and started filling up the seedling trays.



Looking good very nice feeling in the hands, decided to use these plastic seed starting trays good big hole in the middle for drainage

there we go all that good stuff spread around

two down, two more to go.

Time to bring out the seeds, seeds for days... seeds for days :cool: :sick:

make hole, put seed in, cover up the hole , and repeat.

By the time I finished making these little holes and putting the seeds in  I can feel my lower back muscles ( sup [member=fertilizer] ) because I exercise so much .... khm
[member=Meatward] - I am not fat I am bulking.
There we go all labeled and set

Week later this happens :

shit I still do not have proper light because .... reasons xD. Better think fast... desktop lamp check, spare CFL 28W oh well it is what it is .. damn fast sprouting tomatoes
3cm for 24 hours god damn it, sudden realization gotta acquire some decent lights or ill be having some stretchy pencil sized seedlings in no time.

Still slacking on proper lights .... again.. because of ... reasons.

Next day, reach for the light!  .. ok ok I better get some damn lights fast I didn't expect them to grow this fast, bet the ones from the left hate me by now... i mean look at them.

Let see whats in the ads for some cheap-o lighting .... hrm 4 - T8s rack, damnthisiswhatineed.jpg few hours later that day.

Where we go better take it apart and hook up the power cord to see if it works ...not bad.. it has reflective part you can see it in back... almost.
Made frame out of water pvc pipes , damn this thing is heavy as f**k ... such metal... much heavy ... wow, ok positioned over the seedlings trays.

Damn image limit someone bump it, I typed all this stuff only to find out I can not post it all :snooty:
Chilima said:
Well i sprayed them with actara that day and looks like all the aphids are gone.
and heres a picture of the box of mint i collected and it will be dried for later use in ..stuff :D
     Nice find! Spearmint?
Hybrid Mode 01 said:
     Nice find! Spearmint?
Actually not really sure about the species, I had this mint in my yard going wild for years! It acctually migrates all over the yard I had patches that were cleared or destroyed and then next season it just pop somewhere else and start to form a mint patch all over again =) It might be normal mint but it kinda looks like spearmint so who knows? Also what is normal mint after all :P
let it be clear i never planted any mint in the past ever, it kinda just pop by itself xD
tsurrie said:
Mint smells so nice. What you're making? Tea, syrup?
I cleared it and put it over paper to dry up, my whole place smells so good :D. I usually put it as spice in some of the dishes, and hardly ever use for tea but it happens if I have some left over when its winter time