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THP needs YouTube subscribers...


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Maybe do garden/farm/ranch/balcony/hydro tours of members would be cool? I can totally talk my wife into eating some pods. Other hobbies/accomplishments or peeps. Could even do some weed grows. bbq, fermenting,brewing. I want to know what the direction and actions shall be. I demand movement, HELL NO WE WONT GO :rofl:


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We could have a whole section of Drunken Chef.....which was most TDs without the video for me. :lol:

Not sure there should be Tales From The Loo videos......:eek:


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Maybe get some volunteers to help with getting it going? Takes A LOT of moving pieces to get a successful tube channel going (my understanding at least).


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Don’t have anything at the moment. But, if there is a consensus of what kinda genre would be preferred, I could probably whip something up I’m not a lot of time. Maybe there are other music ppl here that might want to contribute? Just a thought. Of course, It is all up to The Big Boss. His brainchild after all
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