auction THP Pod Auction - Continental U.S. Only - Lots and Lots of Stuff!

I have ran out of steam processing some pods. :)  I am going to do an auction for a lot of peppers.   I have included a photo of some of the peppers included in my auction, but knowing me a lot more will fall into this box before it gets closed.  There are Chocolate Bhuts, Red Bhuts, Scotch Brain, Naga Bbg Peach, Chocolate Hand Grenade, Naglah Beast, PDN x Bbg 'Orange',  Red Riot F3, Reaper x Peach Bhut F3 (Jukka K strain), Apocalypse Red, Lemon Drop, Chupetinho White, Charapita, Yellow Scorpion, Black Bhutlah SLP, and lots, lots more.  Add Mini Brown Rocoto, Aji Jobito, Chiltepin Amarillo.....  
I'll ship via USPS Priority Mail.  Starting bid level is $25 for this auction.   I'll do my best to separate pods for identification purposes too.  Bidding ends at 10 PM tomorrow (Friday) EST.  Highest posted bid in writing wins the auction.  Let the fun begin. :)
Glad there's a bid.  I hope I don't regret this auction!!!  There are a nice number of pods here...added more stuff such as Swamp Thing F2, Chiltepin Rojo, Purple flowered baccatum - elongated red,  CB Ungu, CGN 21566, Orange Naga Bbg F3 - Italia, Black Bhutlah SLP, CP 115, and more.