pics Tiberius mauler and Andys king BOC hybrid vigour ?

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This season I'm trying "alot" of micro and mini kratky hydroponics objective being to produce a sample fruit to taste to save me growing a big plant over many month's in our short season only to discover I don't like the I did with the mighty 7 pot Douglah last season.

He's a couple very late sown (mid to late March i think but March) the both have impressed with there rapid growth and vigour !! They seem to way out perform more "stable" "traditional" varieties I sowed at the same time ......


This little Tiberius mauler red is exceptionally vigorous seeds from Justin at White Hot peppers :thumbsup: I also a Tiberius mauler peach not quite as vigorous as the red but still impressive. I can't seem to find a shu rating for the mauler but it's ment to be a super hot !


Interesting looking chillies............


My Andys king BOC is equally vigorous 😁 again from Justin at White Hot peppers :thumbsup:


Again very pretty gnarly pods apparently tested at 966,591shu ! very respectable 😋😎

I'm wondering if the hybrid nature of these chillies explains the vigour compared to more traditional varieties started at the same time 🤔 or does that only apply to mammals ?? Do plants crosses experience "hybrid vigour "And will this vigour reduce over time as the "F" number increases and they become more stable ??

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I always find those SHU numbers hilarious... all those "significant" digits! 970,000 would be close enough if you ask me. And the ones you grow yourself will likely be much less... 😋
If I remember correctly the Tiberius Mauler was discovered by Brian Hamilton out of JPGS x Primo x Leviathan Scorpion seeds from Justin at WHP. This cross is VERY prolific and each plant produces hundreds of fruits, at least under its growing conditions. He used to be a THP member but not sure what was his pseudo... You can see pictures of his Tiberius Mauler on his IG:
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