pests Tiny bugs and My Organic Nicotine Pesticide

I have a batch of red bell peppers growing fairly well except for one which has started looking like this.


Upon VERY close inspection with reading glasses I could see these very tiny bugs plus they seem to have formed some kind of web.
Years ago I had aphids on my indoor chili plants and a friend offered this formula for their elimination.
Take a cheap cigar and put it in a gallon of water and let it steep till you get some brown color or as long as you like.  Add a little dish soap and spray it on the plant.  
Back then it worked on those aphids.
These are obviously different and I'm also living on the other side of the planet now in the tropics.  The above photo of the bugs was day one shot with a 100mm macro and my entire set of extension tubes (for u photogs out there) with on-camera flash.  They are quite small and are hanging out on the new growth leaves.
Here is day 2 after making a batch using just cigarette butts and some dish soap and spraying them.
It seems like I'm having success here killing them and with a few more applications should be clear and get more new growth.  
I'll update as I go. :)
If you compare day 1 vs day 2 photos their population has decreased dramatically.  They are only located on the new leaves as the big ones are obviously already suffering.
Neem may or may not be available here so going with what I can bottle myself for the mo.  Imagine going to a garden center and no one speaks ANY English.  Neem probably won't mean much to them.
Perhaps it is this?  In googling it does seem to be a plant that grows here in TH?
In this reference it is actually something that some people eat!
Hey!  Phuket!  
Cool man thank you.  I retract my skepticism re:finding this then.  :)
SOOOOO many of my shopping trips get me the answer "mai mee" no matter what I am looking for and I'm in BKK too!
Speaking of shopping, have you tried any of these seed sellers?พริกปีศาจ-สีแดง-red-bhut-jolokia-pepperการปลูกพริก-ต่างประเทศพริก-bhut-jolokia-แพ็ค-20-เม็ด-bg021
Never tried any seedshops in Thailand. Right now i just get young plants from the girlfriend's family's farm.

Will buy a bunch of seeds in a month or so when i will visit europe, feels safer to buy it from the seedbanks there.

That's weird BKK should have shops with a wider range of products!

Here are some online shops i think are based in BKK

But i know what you mean with the garden center trips, countless hours of driving for me trying to find something i need. Only found one small shop here that stocks ok fertilizer the rest of the stuff i get from home pro and from the internet.
Yup that is a huge mass of spider mites.

The first sign is tiny white spots on green leaves.

Those have been feeding off that plant well over a month to get the color of leaves.

I see in your second post with pic that is shows less mites.

But when I expand the picture to see in close I do not see and dead bugs or dead larve or dead eggs.

Dead mites larve and eggs will turn black. If temps are near 80* f they will lay eggs and reproduce every 3 days.

Neem will help but you need something much stronger at this point.

Remove those largest leafs to limit available food and living space.

You can take a small hand held vacuum cleaner like a dust buster and gently vacuum the entire plant.

Then spray immediately. Vacuum daily and spray once every 3 days for ten days.

Then once a week checking progress.

Good luck I hate mites!!!

Seeing the tiny feeder roots exposed on soil surface I would repot that plant and bury the stem deeper to the first set of leaves.

Spray the soil as well during treatment.