capsaicin Tip: Getting capsaicin oil off your hands!

Gojo works well for anything.

I was reading this topic like "If I got capsaicin oils on my hands, what can I do in the moment.

Like, most people aren't going to take 45 mins to an hour to run to the store to get something if their hands, nostrils, or junk is on fire from a poorly aimed pepper-finger.

so - if in a pinch, I do highly recommend ice cold Gin - it works well and it's soothing.

but if we're talking prevention, SalsaLady has it spot on with GLOVES. I 100% fully intend on wearing gloves when I'm handling the Jonahs next weekend.

And if you happen to have GoJo on hand - great stuff.

if not, you now have a backup plan. :cheers:
Ummm what if you don't have gin? :lol: You have to run to the store.

Your logic is flawed. I have Gojo, and no gin.
I had my hands burn for 2 weeks after a harvest.........

not really bad but a hot shower would have them burning every day!!

I had a bottle of daves insanity sauce that sat in a window in my shop for 5 or so years, the top half inch was oil and one winter my buddy brings a friend over to wrench on his truck and he askes about the sauce, I tell him it is a yucky extract and that I have way better.
well he opens it and puts his finger over the top and rubs it around and smells it.
smells bad he says and wipes it on his pants and off he goes.

I get a call at 2 am from his girl saying how he rubbed his eye and that his fingers are burning and what should he do, so ya... that oil is a bugger!
Olive oil then wash with dish soap, then olive oil then wash with dish soap, repeat until satisfied. If the Cap Oil has soaked deep in to your porous hands than be prepared to wake up at 12 am with sweaty burning hands.