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Went out to the local farmer's market today and picked up these guys. From bottom to top: mirasol pepper, dynamite, hatch medium, hatch hot. Now they are seeded and I will be growing them next season.


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Good eating varieties, but keep in mind those peppers mature to red, despite being harvested green, so the seeds are likely to be immature and germinate poorly, if at all.

I was thinking the same thing myself CD as OP posted this:

My name is Sebastian and I've been into growing hot peppers and learning more about the plants for a couple of years now. This is my second season actually growing peppers.

May not have known about ripeness=seed viability.
Thanks guys, I didn't know this. We'll see what happens though.

E: Do any of you know where I could find ripe versions of these?
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I would expect mirasol pods to be commonly available red/ripe at fresh markets. Also, you may find them bagged in dried (red) form at groceries, with the seeds often viable. Not the other 3 though. If you see them at markets you can sort through the bin for the ripest pods that are starting to show darkening or preferably red. Those have a better chance of having at least some viable seeds.

It's also worth considering that commercially grown pods are not isolated from cross-pollination, so you can't be sure that the seeds will actually grow the same variety - versus a 50/50 hybrid of whatever pollinated it. With big producers the odds are often pretty good for true seeds, but the smaller producers growing smaller blocks of each variety - so closer to their other varieties - are likely to have more hybridization.

I typically get seeds for hatch varieties from when I buy them. They have a Colorado Mirasol I'm growing this year that I've been impressed with -

Good luck with the pepper growing!
I'd still give it a shot but use it as a bonus plan not your main plan. You don't want to be disappointed and scrap a grow season. Get some seeds from a reputable dealer and use these as backup. You are new at this so you are learning as you go, and one thing you will learn is, it's good to have plans A, B, C, D. ;)
Yeah, I have a ton of other seeds if they don't work out. Probably 25 or so types bought mostly from Pepperjoe. Planning on making a little pepper farming/pepper plant business out of it.

E: And of course I can keep seeds from my current plants too.
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