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Too hot for health or die maybe?

Have you ever ate a couple of Reapers or Scorpions along with some pizza maybe and then got hellious stomach cramps.
I did one time and I suddenly realized that something was wrong. I nearly passed out on the kitchen floor. I just happened to have some milk in the frig to tone it down some. Anybody have similar experiences.

Yes happen to me with a 7pot Barrackpore. This wasn't the hottest pepper I've had but this one hit me in the stomach in a bad way. I was curled up in bed for 30min feeling like my insides were getting torn out or giving birth to an Alien.
I can handle the heat in the mouth , nostrils.....and even in the ass the next morning, but them stomach cramps make me wonder if I'm better off drinking battery acid.
I have a similar problem when eating raw peppers, even as low heat as jalapenos. They give me a sharp pain. But foods that are even hotter than the raw peppers don't bother me. I can even eat pickled serranos just fine, but not raw ones. Something about the raw pepper.
Well , the raw pepper should have all of it's "strengths" I would think.
However extracts or powders can concentrate it even more. I guess that the strength of any one pepper can vary ,
Depending on growing conditions.
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My family got me Indian food for my birthday this year. Every time they ask what spice level out of 5, we say "very spicy, 5".

Well, it's either a new chef, they got some new peppers, or they changed their scale because this was the first time I had an entire dish that was ever so borderline unenjoyable from how hot it was.

My eyeballs were sweating every time I finished a portion, my insides toiled for 3 days as I slowly consumed the meal. I was only able to eat it in 3rds and needed to scarf down three 12+ inch naan breads alongside it, drinking whatever sweet tamarind chutney remained.

It's been 2 days since I've finished it, I have mostly fasted and eaten sourdough bread since. I do not know when I will resume eating food again.
Ah yes, don't we all love the borderline unenjoyable spicyness? I had snot running down my cheeks yesterday from a superhot hotsauce. I hiccuped my way to the toiletpaper to blow my nose. 😉 Loved it!

And: happy birthday!!!
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Quote of a story from another thread....

"I'm not sure which batch of Incinerator you have, but I made (co-packed) that sauce for Wildfire Chilli for several years, until Candice sold her business recently. I had a bottle of Incinerator in the refer along with another bottle of a mild/medium red jalapeno sauce...you see where I'm going with this.... It was not in the small bottle like you have, both bottles were larger un-labeled sauce bottles.

I made some English Muffin mini-pizzas, 'Dude grabbed a bottle and splashed on a couple big splooges, took a big bite...(he probably got 2 teaspoons....Holy CRAP!!!!! He kept saying IT's Hot...and I'm like.... No it's not...it's the mild jalapeno sauce... He passed out on the kitchen floor. I thought he was having a freakin' heart attack! I was seconds away from calling 911 when he roused up.

Well, I couldn't believe that the mild jalapeno sauce make him pass out, so I got a spoon and downed a teaspoon......OMFG!!!! now I'm curled up in the fetal position on the bathroom floor!"
I was seconds away from calling 911 when he roused up.
This is what I pictured reading this 😂

Im Back Wake Up GIF
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Yup...^^^^... that was about it.....

At this incident, both of us had burning eyes from hot sweat. Dude hates puking and kept trying to supress that. Eventually, like 4 hours later, he puked and immediately started feeling better. Next day was rough for both of us.

Needless to say, that bottle was permanently removed from the house.

The sauce in the story was made with 7 pot, moruga scorpion, and pure evil capsaicin....along with peaches, ginger, and pineapple. Beautiful and deadly.
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