sales Too many peppers!


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Ok, I know, I planted a LOT of peppers.

The only problem is that while I have a plan for most of them, I never actually thought through how I was going to handle more jalapenos than I could sell. I also have WAY too many "Fooled You" heatless jalapenos.

The biggest problem is that it looks like the local grocers all require GAP certification, which costs more to get than I can really invest this time around. I recall someone previously mentioned mashes, but that's not something I can do at home and I'm trying to avoid the commercial kitchen rental except for the candies.

Maybe I should contact the buyers at Huy Fong? 🙂
I'm building some rather large drying towers for the main harvest, just not so sure about the jalapenos. Although you just reminded me that with a little smoke I now have chipotles so maybe that's the way to go with them.

No-heat chipotle could be interesting...