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overwintering Transplanting from garden to pot for winter

Ok, so I have been grow plants outside for several years now and am now looking to see if it would be possible to winterize plants from the garden to an indoor growing area. Has anyone done a "reverse' style transplant from outside to in? I have several plants, like 60 from bhuts to scorpions and would like to see if I can get them to go all year round.
No problems man - from what I've been reading.

You want to cut your pepper down, above the new growth line. So above where new leaves or stems will off shoot to give it the best chance of survival. You'll be cutting some roots around the plant, and underneath, but that's ok. Take er inside - nourish it and you should see new growth. Keep it pruned and short, then next year when you plant it out you'll be ahead of the game. Look up 'Bonsai pepper plant' and 'fatelli' He has a great guide on making your pepper plants into bonsai trees, but the method is also used for overwintering - PLUS - you'll get the bonus of some production over the winter if you do it right.

Ah hell - here!


I spelt it wrong and took awhile to find it myself right now. ha!

Keep us posted!
Your are just going to have to try it, some will live, some will die, you think you treated each plant the same and get different results. Eventually, you will get a technique down that will work for you.