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dried Treatment with antioxidant oil before drying protects flavor and heat

Another study of interest. Here, it is shown that treatment of peppers with an oil high in antioxidants (grapeseed oil, in the study) prior to drying results in increased retention of volatile nutrients, flavors, and capsaicinoids. The protective effect occurs both during drying and after, effectively prolonging the shelf life of dried pepper products.

Analytical evaluation of carotenoids, apocarotenoids, capsaicinoids, and phenolics to assess the effect of a protective treatment on chili peppers dried at different temperatures

It’s not a huge effect, but it seems likely to me that traditionally processed Aleppo peppers benefit from it, given they are ground with olive oil before drying completely. I’ll have to try this with some of my harvest…

The Hot Pepper

Not great if you are making powder or sauce that should have no oil it, but good study. Wonder if a water bath of ascorbic acid would help as well.