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misc Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

Hey guys, this is the first time I've ever grown this particular variety "Trinidad Moruga Scorpion"
Just potted it this afternoon, I bought it because I thought the name sounded interesting and it's in the same kinda ball park as the Carolina Reaper in terms of heat level so though it'd be interesting to get one growing and see what I get from it.

Any of you growers have experience with this super hot?
The Carolina Reaper has a reputation for being alittle hotter, and having a better flavor.

The Moruga Scorpion is also super hot.

It may have just been me, but I found the Moruga Scorpion to be more prolific than the Carolina Reaper.
I've had one for two years now, in Western NY. IT did well the first year and I cut it back and brought it inside for the winter. It really took off this year. The plant grew to over four feet tall and a lot of peppers. I have frozen a lot of the peppers to "play around" with this winter.
I grew caramel morugas in 21.
Nice compact bushy plants and the fruit is really pretty but the taste was Dave’s Insanity Aftershave.
They took forever to germinate and the seedlings were spindly and weak, but they took off growing by mid summer. Then the blooms took forever to set fruit but once they did they all filled out and ripened all at once. And they hated full sun. One day out of the shade and the leaves started going white.
Trying the yellow variety next year.