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hot-sauce Truff

New to me product I just read about. Truff, a truffle infused hot sauce that's being marketed to the snooty crowd.

Article states it's consistency makes it Instagram ready for food shots.

The snooty marketing for the product I personally find off putting. Truffle shaped lids? Too many excellent hot sauces to try rather than a sauce that thinks it's more elevated than the consumer.

Anyone try this one?

Same, sushi. Real truffle oil is powerfully garlicky, mushroomy and earthy, with clear rhizome notes so I could see it working ok in hot sauce, even if I'm inclined to be yet more of a spice snob myself and blend with fresh wasabi as a pasta dressing.
Marketing the realness of the oil is just common sense when fake truffle oil is utterly bland by comparison.
The lid was previously referred to as "black diamond shaped" in reference to the truffle's nickname, rather than actually truffle shaped. I like it but it is clearly a gimmick and only elevates the sauce's value if you plan to look at it more than you use it.
In terms of usage, though, that "instagram ready" consistency is the consistency of a sauce blended with oil. Oil-blended sauces are delightfully creamy in both taste and texture. From everything I can gather, and I have watched video reviews, it's a finely crafted product marketing all the right qualities of its design in all the wrong ways because those "wrong ways" are what appeals to the youth of today. And man I sound like an old man when I talk about social media culture.
I'm 26 :(.
I mean come on it's uncanny  :lol:

Marketing marketing marketing just like those dumb Apple products, Bose speaker systems and Beatz headphones. Oh did I say something wrong. BLUF. Just the company is capitalizing on a niche for the uppity crowd. No Self respecting snob would wounded down to Food City, or El Super in Southern h Tucson to grab a bottle of "Poblano Salsa Ranchera" let them have Thier sauce. Hopefully I get invited to Thier house and pour it all over a piece of aged filet mingon and then tell that the new thread. That after making me a michelada with their first bottle.