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Try Not To Smile.......

So in all of this universal boredom, my new favorite thing to do is :high: and then look at pictures of smililing and goofy alpacas. Holy cow! It's so hard not to audibly laugh at some of these. Others, I recognize as ppl I've known throughout my life. Like this dude:

But most of my friends were stoners:

This guy tried weed once, he didn't like it:

But sometimes it's just too trippy. Almost feels like they don't really look like that and you're just having a moment..........squint, blink, smh, focus.........


But here's Yahoo Serious from the 90's:

...........and I thought this was a camel:

All of these pics make us:

Have a happy day!
Alpaca Punch said:
Could not help it - just had to smile. Thanks for the photos
You're welcome! And how perfect is it that YOU responded to this first, Alpaca Punch!!!! :Clap: :rofl:

My turn to smile again......
Thanks, again!
Pic # 3 makes me grin[emoji16]and pic #7 looks like he could be a puppet [emoji16].

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