Trying to launch a Hot Sauce Wiki..

I am a developer and am working on a website that is editable by the public, where people can enter information on hot sauces, and it will create an index of all of them.
Take a look at the screenshot below and let me know if you have any recommendations on what I could add, or if you think this idea is worth pursuing!
I love hot sauce and I thought this could be a good way to discover new bottles, and sort them by pepper or rating. I am open to any helpful advice!


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Welcome 822~  I have some thoughts on this and will post in a bit.  :welcome: to THP and thanks for taking the time and interest to look into this.
my opinion...and it's just that so take it or leave it...:)
get rid of the amazon rating.  I have mixed feelings about opinions on amazon in general when I am looking for non-hot sauce things on Amz and in the hot sauce world, there are waaaaaayyy more fantastic sauces NOT sold on Amz than any type of sauces that are sold on Amz.  I wouldn't trust most Amz customers to even know how to rate sauces accurately for flavor and heat. 
The SHU rating is good to have....if it is accurate.  I don't see this so much with experienced hot sauces, but a lot of people will put a quarter cup of 3 million capsaicin extract in a quart of sauce and call the sauce 3 Million SHU.  It is actually around 600,000SHU.  Unless the product has been lab tested for SHU (by a lab that knows how to do SHU testing, not all labs are set up for HPLC for pungency testing) letting people put up their own SHU will be very inaccurate.  The same thing will happen when people use Carolina Reapers, which have the Guinness record of 1.641,183 SHU.  They will call their sauce over 1 million SHU because they used a few reaper pods in the whole batch.  It doesn't work that way. 
One other note, sauce companies come and go.  I would love to see a chart including small sauce makers, keeping it up to date could be interesting~
Scott Roberts put together a pretty good sortable chart.
Good Luck with the project.