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plant Unfamiliar seedlings

I’ve grown peppers before, but none of them ever look like this. What are these?
Here’s the seeds. They look like pepper seeds to me. From reliable sources. But these plants are just strange looking. And again I’ve grown peppers many times, but I’ve never had them look like this. Am I being impatient and freaking out or are these just not peppers? The Plants look more like tomatoes.


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I planted four seeds from each pack. I also have store-bought pepper seeds. Habaneros, Peperoncino. All planted June 2. They’re all up. And they all look like this. Yes I’ve used recycled soil and homemade compost. That definitely had tomato seeds in it. But everything’s popping up right where I put the pepper seeds. I only showed you guys a couple of quick photos, but like I said, they all look like this… I’m so confused.

PS I know it’s late in the year I figured I’d get a couple of nice plants, and over winter em. get a start for next year
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Plan to make a lot of salsa. 😄
Hahaha! And they’re probably some shi*tty Seeds from a store-bought tomato I threw in the compost. I actually stopped growing tomatoes. They’re a pain in the ass. Go figure.

This year‘s grow was an epic fail! 😔 Luckily, I bought a ghost pepper plant from the hardware store and it’s doing pretty good. Just gotta remember to start my seeds earlier next year.

Got any pepper seeds? (Esp super hots) Feel free to send em my way ladies and gentlemen!
I'd have a hard time believing those tomatoes came from the seeds in those 3 packages. I wouldn't count out some actual peppers spouting around now. A week-and-a-half isn't any crazy-long wait for chinense to sprout (maybe a bit long for annuum like the peperoncino, though), particularly in outside soil in June where the temps likely aren't all that high yet. I hope some of the good stuff start showing up for you pronto.