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Updated Growth - 3 weeks

Hi all,
So, it's been a few weeks since my first growing post of the season. Most of the plants are growing quite well. I only water once per week or when the soil is dry more than 1/2" down. I have a few plants that are experiencing leaf curl...specifically curling down/under. Starting to drop a few leaves, no signs of pests and leaves are still green. I have them inside a small greenhouse on heat matts at night and heat lamp during day.
Let me know if you can tell me what is happening to these few plants...


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Doesn't really look terrible, but it does seem they might like a good bit more light and maybe a gentle breeze to grow stronger/less leggy. How cold is it getting? Most agree heat mat is unnecessary once they sprout.
@Kramer, the plants stay in my home office/shed that is not a conditioned space. It get in the low 60s in the building at night and up to 70 during the day. I started putting them outside when the day time temps are at least in the 60's so they can get some shaded sun and a light breeze. A few other plants have started to wilt so I am going to let them dry out  little more and see fi that helps. i may also Spray the foilage with a light Epsom salt mix to give them a direct boost of magnesium.
Lows 60's and up to 70 is not terrible, mid 70's is better though and upper 70's is ideal.
Again, I think they could really use more light and a gentle breeze, even inside.  So they won't be as leggy.  But that just depends how into it you want to get.  I'm running no-name 1000 watt LED panels and little clip fans, results have been good.
What kind of soil is it?  Does it drain well?  A well draining potting mix with bottom watering every 2-3 days (maybe 3-4 since it's a little cooler for you) should be fine.  I add 10-20% perlite to a quality potting mix and call it good to go.  Try to get one that's not 100% peat moss, though.
I would probably pass on the epsom spray, they're really young and I just don't see signs of mag deficiency so kind of doubt it would do much if anything.  Others may disagree, but it's never done a whole lot for me anyways, and the reality is plants are meant to take that up through the soil.  Good plants start with good soil, not good foliar feeds.  Just stick to the basics when trying to trouble shoot, and then experiment with the fancy stuff after.  You could start feeding them with something gentle like diluted liquid kelp or fish and kelp in every 2-3 waterings, though.
And all that being said, I still don't think there's any major issue.  I'd say these are just possible ideas for improvements, but lots of people start plants in less than perfect conditions and end up with baskets of peppers at the end of summer all the same.