greenhouse Using a green house during the summer

So I have been growing peppers for around 3 years now but face the same challenges with harsh wind/storms and aphids year after year. While browsing today I saw a green house (2x3 meters) for a pretty good price and thought it would ease my problems. After reading a few articles on google I found that if you keep a good ventilation going everything should be fine but want to see if any one else here uses a green house for the entire growing season?
Should I go ahead with this idea or scrap it and focus on another solution?
My set up is a mini greenhouse and it was good for other vegetables and herbs throughout our hot humid summer. This year is my 1st using it for peppers and so far so good. The greenhouse is a white coloured shadecloth with a rating of 13%. It has a fine mesh to keep out the insects but lets rain and air in with ease. It also has irrigation misters installed so i can water without opening the house.

If the price is good i say go for it but keep an eye on it and position it strategically to get maximum daylight and air flow whilst avoiding the harsh afternoon sun.
I used to have a plastic covered greenhouse with a little less than adequate ventilation and lost a few plants. I changed it up and put shade cloth over the greenhouse instead and noticed that the plants were plenty protected from all kinds of winds that would kick up here and there.
If you're worried about humidity, or if you end up doing a normal greenhouse and cant keep up with the ventilation reqs, try covering it with sahdecloth instead. I got almost 100% wind blockage and still had two sides completely open.
No problems with using a greenhouse to grow peppers, except the possibility of excess heat ... as you've already read. Since you have a lot of wind, well that will help ventilate the greenhouse  !
As for the pests, I can't say that a greenhouse will absolutely keep them out, but I'm sure that it will be far less likely for those little Bast@ards to find a new home  :P
Good luck,