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container Using containers to purposely "restrict" plant size ......

Hi Guy's

Due to our short growing season and climate I grow in pot's in a greenhouse, normally I use 10,15 or 20 litre pots. As we all know chinense varieties can grow huge in big containers.

This year I'm trialing lot's of chinense varieties trying to find early, productive and suitable varieties for my particular micro climate I.e my wee Scottish greenhouse in my wee garden.

I'm restricted by the space available to me, I was talking to a friend about it he suggested trialing my 2023 chinense varieties in "max" of 5 litre Pot's idea being I can fit more in :P as the restrictive pot size will reduce the size and they will go to flower quicker too due to restricted root space but it still allow me to access which is most prolific, early etc in my particular situation.

Idea being the following season I can put my chosen varieties into 15 litre or 20 litre pot's.

It seems like a plan ! Seems to make sense ..............

What do you guy's think ? It's currently my 2023 game plan .......

I've done this many times over the years to build seed stock for wild species that have a long season. I've never done it to reduce a plants size though. It's going to be like having a foot on the brake and one on the accelerator.

You still want healthy plants,so you're going to need to water and feed a fair bit and definitely will have to pay attention to salt buildup and pH in your feed water as the buffering capacity of whatever soiless mix you use will be compromised quickly.