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media Using epsom salt+hydroponic fertilizer in coco coir indoor growing test

This little Naga morich sample doest look too happy after my self watering test, but it was more than happy to help me with the next test i am about to do with it:

Mixed Ghe floramicro 10ml/floramato 15ml(EC 1.0 before salt)+1 teaspoon of epsom salt(EC 1.1 after salt) to 10 litres of water. Used that to water the plant and transplant the victim to a bigger pot:

I am very curious to see what the epsom salt will do to the plant with the combined hydroponic fertilizer. :woohoo: :rofl:
This test is very important for my outdoor growing to see how much epsom salt i can safely mix with the hydroponic fertilizer without any problems.
I dont know what is happening here, but look at the green shade difference under just two hours upon using the epsom salt combined with the hydroponic fertilizer:

WTF is my answer right now.... :onfire:
Used the same stuff on my Queen laurie(c.baccatum):

Edit: After seeing this color change with the epsom salt, i will add the stuff to the B'cuzz coco a+b too, to see if the green shade will become darker with them too.
These pictures i took just minutes ago with epsom salt mixed with the B'cuzz a+b:


It is pretty clear to me by now, that the coco coir needs to be buffed up with the epsom salt(more magnesium) in the beginning to make the chilis grow better.
Dont add any epsom salt to the fertilizer mix if you use coco coir specific fertilizers, there is more than enough magnesium added in there already to make the epsom salt mess the nutrition balance big time.