cooking Venison Pot Roast

Making room for a new hunting season is often a very tasty job.
Two days before I pulled out two venison roasts and set them to thaw in the fridge.
Once thawed I dry brined them with Kosher salt for 24hrs.
Then I seasoned them with my spiced up version of Lawry's Seasoned Salt and tied them tightly so they'd smoke longer and more evenly.
I set up the smoker at 200°-225° with hickory, and gave them an hour and a half of smoke.



Then in my 12qt dutch oven I browned some onions in bacon grease, and did the same with the roasts.
Added a jar of sofrito and enough vegetable stock to almost cover the roasts.



Brought it to a rolling boil on the stove top, and then back into the smoker at 325° (no smoke).
Cooked it about 6 hours till it was falling apart tender.

Made mashed taters and mixed veggies for sides.
Took the drippings from the DO and made a tasty gravy.