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misc Visit to NMSU Chile Pepper Institute

I've been away from the board for several months, due to a move from Spain back to the US. Many of you generously sent seeds to my mom's house, so it was exciting to find those waiting for me when we got here. Thank you!

This summer saw us on the road, and my loving wife managed to arrange the trip so that we passed by New Mexico State University, and had time to stop at the Chile Pepper Institute. I'm throwing up a few photos for those interested. Their teaching/research garden was smaller than I expected, but it was still fun to see what they have and buy a t-shirt and some seeds.

And any case, just wanted to drop a note now that I'm back. Don't have a place of our own yet, but planning to try a little bit of indoor winter growing in my brother's basement using small Kratky jars.

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