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Walchit 2022

I wasn't going to do a garden this year, because I'm trying to get this Yukon back on the road, but I couldn't resist, lol.
I have 4 bhuts and 4 jalapeños I picked up. Also some tomatoes and yellow squash, and a raised bed that I poked a bunch of bean seeds into. Want to get a couple pumpkins and some corn going too.


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$1.29 bhuts starting to look a little better, I think they came with some BLS. I've been pluckin weird leaves, seems like they do better when I keep them off of them.


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The Kansas heat is really kicking your garden into gear, Andy!
We are having July style heat already... gave the plants a couple hundred gallons of water the other day, thankfully it's raining right now. I got an rv water filter to use to fill up my 2 ibc tanks so I don't have as much cloramine, chlorine, and fluoride in my water. But I'm hoping g I don't have to water much this year, and maybe I can get the neighbor to fill my totes in exchange for tomatoes, lol.
Planted some flowers out by the road right before it rained, zinnia and cosmos. They were some kind of "save the bees" seeds. Hopefully the wife and kids like them too.
Got a bag of ghost and a bag of jalapeño. Squash bugs have destroyed the rest of the garden, but I got my pistons back in this thing!


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Your 'non-grow' turned out pretty good, chili-wise, Andy!
Sorry about the squash bug devastation, but awesome that
the Yukon is coming back together!

Stay the course, my friend. Good to see you make an
appearance on the glog-o-sphere!
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