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The Hot Pepper

With a site rehaul planned, there's always those that will poo poo the new and move on because they can't deal with change. That is a given. But this site is 10 years old technology-wise and we have a new platform we are migrating to. At the same time we will also be rearranging categories, adding sorely needed features (like tagging members), proper mobile navigation, and there is a NEW logo. So it is a re-launch of sorts.
With that said, I am looking for a Transition Team. What does this entail? These are members that would be privy to the beta site to test it out, and offer suggestions. These members would also serve as ambassadors of the site during the transition to help ease the pain. You know, like when people stomp their feet and never want to come back, they can explain how what they wanted to accomplish can still be accomplished by doing ABC.
I am looking for people that value this site and want to see it prosper, and understand that change is inevitable, but it is for the best. A lot of categories will disappear because we will be using sub-category labels that you can click. For example, in Growing Hot Peppers, when you compose your post, if you select "Organic" as a label, then, when it's posted, people know this is an organic grow, and they can click on that label to see ALL the organic grows as a sort result.
Lots of cool stuff coming! PM me if you are interested in helping. No offense, but this is not open to newbies.
I know in too new / inexperienced on this site with too few posts, real life gets in the way of such things. and therefore i will not apply.
However i love the idea of seeing new and updated functionalities.

Cant wait to see what is to come  :)
You would have to send a PM as noted.
nice, good luck with the migration!
there will always be haters, but guys, something to remember is upgrading isn't optional. big upgrades are always eventually necessary, and they almost always entail majorly changing the look and feel.
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