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hot-sauce Warrant man pepper company: Aggravated assault and Homicide hot sauces

Look what i got all the way from America:

Reggie was kind enough to send me some of his sauces, so i am going to taste them and give my impressions about them.
Aggravated assaut hot sauce:
Taste: 8,5/10. I can taste the garlic,onion, bell pepper in there with some of the chilis and not too much winegar either. Good sauce for someone who likes less heat and like more of the taste.
Heat: 7,5/10 Not overly hot sauce, maybe kind of in the medium range.
Overall: 8,5/10
I like the label design in this one and the little handcuffs.
Homicide hot sauce:
Taste: 9/10 Now this is more like what i want in a hot sauce, very nice balance of heat and taste, i can taste the various chilis in there and the winegar balances it out nicely.
Heat:  9/10 Very good slow building heat, but is not overly hot at all. Very nice heat balance in this one.
Overall: 9/10
Nice label design and the little handcuffs are a nice touch.
The clear winner for me was the Homicide hot sauce and both can be eaten just like that with a spoon.
These sauces are too good to use them with that cap thing in the way, so i tossed it to the trashbin and poured plenty of both sauces on top of ryebreab+ some ham to test them out. Both where really good this way and had to up the score for the aggravated assault hot sauce.


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I am so pleased it made it intact. I had my doubts. Experimental success! 
Thanks for the kind words and I am glad you find them enjoyable.  :dance:
Hats off to Dee Roo for helping me with the boxes. If they can travel to Finland ok, I'm sold.  :party:
- Reggie
The sauce boxes are pretty much bomb proof by the looks of it and you would need to run them over with a truck or something to make them break.