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hot-sauce Warrentman Hot sauce "Homicide"

Homicide I feel was hottest of the three
 Nice heat with black pepper, garlic and ghostly flavor, with Habanero burning tongue and reaper tingling lips. with these  flavors. all I tasted  went Hand in Hand with any food.I did try it on chicken fajitas,chips,salads,.This sauce I feel its a little warmer with the lips and tongue tingling AWESOME and very Chuggable I must say again the Warrantmanpepperco has and great line of sauces, that I was just MAD it was Just 5oz bottle. 
Thanks again for the AWESOME SAUCES Reggie,


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Finally broke out my bottle of Homicide...

Great HEAT sauce, really need a bigger orifice opening. As in the Aggravated I had to remove the reducer to get to the goods in the bottle.

I put it on eggs, sausage, and hash browns. Very great sauce. Lately I have been looking into milder heat sauces. This is not a mild sauce.

Flavor is great...the chunky bits in this sauce are a winner and adds to the visual yeehaw when using.

My palate is not as defined for individual flavors but it's a great tasting and visually appealing sauce.

Between the Homicide and the Aggravated I think the Aggravated is a hands down 1st choice followed by the Homicide.

Thanks again Reggie... great flavors and great sauce.

Will be trying the Homicide this afternoon in bloody Mary's (ceasars) using Clamato juice.

I think it will be a great addition and heat for me.
Geez, thanks again....
No problem with stereotype from me. I do in fact love donuts and there are none better than Krispy Kreme!  I once researched the origin of the "cops and donut shops" and found this:
Because cops must work all hours of the day or night, in years past there were very few places if any, that cops on a midnight shift could stop in and have a break and a cup of coffee. The only such places were donut shops (particularly in the big cities) that had employees working the wee hours of the morning. As they were on frequent occasion, targets for robbers in those hours, they would invite cops in for donuts and coffee, often times for free. It was a symbiotic relationship. The shops got professional security service for the cheap price of a few donuts and coffee. They wanted them hanging around. So folks saw this, not knowing the real deal and assumed that "cops love donuts." Not realizing the donut shops pretty much had a monopoly because of the hours... So it carries through to this very day and even most cops I know, are probably not aware of these facts.  FYI  haha
I wrote a book that was published in 2008, it went very well with signings and such and as a result I got invited to do an appearance on a talk radio show. I will never forget it. When they opened up the phones to callers, guess what was the first question? caller #1 you're on... "Yeah, what's up with cops and donuts?"   Killed me....  :rolleyes:
In modern times, (more so early in my career than now), Waffle House and it's spin-off Huddle House would hire off-duty cops on the weekends to provide security. By law here, all bars and nightclubs had to close their doors and be empty of patrons by 3 a.m. So typically, hordes of drunken folks would stumble in to get food at this time. I think many people believed that the cops were just "hanging out" there, not knowing that they were actually being paid by the establishment to be there... On that note, I do love me some good greasy hash browns!  Scattered, smothered and covered.... haha
I actually did know the whole coffee shop connection. Most places around here still offer officers free coffee but almost all of them insist on paying. Works out ok for the clerks as it ends up going towards their tips instead.
Ashen said:
I actually did know the whole coffee shop connection. Most places around here still offer officers free coffee but almost all of them insist on paying. Works out ok for the clerks as it ends up going towards their tips instead.
Thank you sir for making this point! Some twenty years or so ago, here in my state, some legislators were accused of "taking gifts" from folks in exchange for favors. This caused quite a stir and ended up with new laws being enacted to prevent such. It was hammered hard amongst us "cops" that we could not accept free stuff from people (regardless of the good intent of those offering.) So as you point out, when such a thing occurs, as when the restaurant doesn't charge, the full price is given as a "tip"  to the waitstaff. This "saves face" for those offering, keeps us compliant both legally and ethically - and of course the waitstaff are very pleased. Shame on any cop who does otherwise.
I have personally experienced (particularly the last two years) instances where I go to pay for my meal and the waiter/waitress advises me that "someone" had already paid for my meal and "thanked me for my service." It always puts a lump in my throat, I look around, don't know who to "thank." So here again, the waitstaff gets one helluva tip. The coolest pay-it-forward deal ever... I am certain the anonymous giver feels pride in doing so, it makes me feel respected/appreciated, and the waiter/waitress receives an unexpected "bonus." How cool is that? 
Thanks again for mentioning this and giving me the chance for explanation. I hope it offers some enlightenment to whomever may read. 
Cheers Ashen!  :cheers:  
I totally agree with the Boss. The Warrant Man products are great! I'm putting Arson on almost everything.

The cop stereotype is kinda funny. In the US it's donuts but in Denmark it's Citronmåne (Lemon Moon) (I guess it should be Lemon Half Moon?)

Edit: I just discovered that it actually says Lemon Half Moon on the packaging. It doesn't in Danish.
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I got a great package from Warrantman!!! Haven't opened anything yet as I first want to finish the batch of sauces I have opened already....almost there finishing these and then I'll definite try the cop sauces 😉....the theme is great and the little cuffs are the finishing killer touch!
I'm very much intrigued by the 'Clearly guilty' one, fourth from the right, with its clear vinegar with floating garlic flakes and whole Carolina reaper inside. And just look at that seasalt on the right, infused with Carolina reaper....I'm gonna try that on some good meat this weekend, so curious how that will taste.

So I already had a whole new batch of sauces lined up, then got more added thanks to Warrantman (patches will happen 👍) and I got some more sauces at a great discount from Heatsupply, a company run by 2 brothers in my country, importing/selling hot sauces. End of year discount was great and I want to support these guys, so ok then I ordered the other sauces on the pic which came in yesterday.

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