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lighting Way too soon.

I put this under lighting because it seems to fit the problem best. Problem? Who knows.

We moved to LED grow lights for this season after growing under 8' fluorescent lights for many years, we knew just when to start our plants.

A few, pics to better understand our first LED grow.








Two days ago our plants, enjoying the 80 degree weather. Last night they spent the night back in the seed starting room as temps dipped down to the mid 30s.
Tonight we are going down to the low 30s with scattered frost. When will it all end LOL.
Yes we are having crazy weather, we are still waiting for the soil to get 70 degrees.

Season before last, we put out spindly 6" to 8" seedling into our warm soil gardens about this time of year.
Not once from sprouting did our plants slow down, LED grow lights start & grow seedling so fast, you need to rethink all your starting times.

Started the seeds February 13. Next season we will wait until early March .
If we ever needed any proof that we were right to move from Fluorescents to LEDs this was all the proof we needed.